EXCEL ESPORTS will look to expand their brand with over $20m in capital funding.

British esports organization EXCEL ESPORTS raises £17m ($23M) in new equity capital. Here is what that all means for the esports team.

EXCEL Esports are continuing to increase their backing with another successful round of investment. The British esports organization will receive over $20 Million dollars in funding to help aid the organizations growth moving forward. The investors joining EXCEL include Michael Spencer, Alan Howard and the JRJ Group. 

With new funding, EXCEL ESPORTS will have more flexibility and opportunity to expand. Here is what the organization plans to do with the new funding.

What This Means for Excel Esports

The new investment, led by investment firm JRJ Group will help EXCEL ESPORTS in establishing a bigger base for infrastructure. EXCEL ESPORTS investment round will allow them to expand into more esports titles and develop their talent lineup.

As of writing, EXCEL are currently competing in three major game titles. In League of Legends, they are a permanent partner of the LEC in Europe. Alongside their primary LoL team, they also boast an academy team, known as BTXL. While the main team plays in the LEC studio in Germany, BTXL plays in London where they became the first British team to make it to the European Master’s Final.

EXCEL ESPORTS are involved in three different esports titles. Image via <a href="https://xl.gg/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">EXCEL </a>website.
EXCEL ESPORTS are involved in three different esports titles. Image via EXCEL website.

While primarily a League of Legends based organization right now, EXCEL Esports are slowly beginning to branch out again. Earlier this year, EXCEL announced its expansion into VALORANT as their third esports team. Finally, the newest addition to the British esports organization will be more Fortnite talent to join young star Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman.

Aside from the competitive side, the organization plans on increasing the staff as well as the EXCEL London HQ.

Here, EXCEL plans on using this headquarters to host on-site events and progress the company forward.

Goals to branch past UK esports and become globally known

EXCEL ESPORTS spent the past two years developing a base as the UK’s premier esports team. Now with extra backing, the organization will look to grow their fanbase.

“Together with our investors, I’m truly excited to be entering the next chapter, building on EXCEL’s legacy and realising our shared vision for the future of esports and gaming. In a very short space of time, EXCEL has cemented itself at the top of British esports attracting significant support from investors, partners, our ambassador Dele Alli, and all on and off-stage talent." Wouter Sleijffers, CEO of EXCEL states.

EXCEL headquarters in London. Image via EXCEL.
EXCEL headquarters in London. Image via EXCEL.

“We now have all the elements in place to aim for more, to go from a household name in UK esports to an internationally recognised, diverse British gaming brand with the ability to derive maximum value from ongoing sector expansion and the growing digitisation of consumer behaviour.”

EXCEL are currently 2-5 in the 2021 LEC Summer Split and are looking to catch up in the standings. Since their inclusion into the LEC, the organization has yet to make a playoff appearance. With new capital funding, this could turn the tides competitively.

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