New addition to Evil Geniuses, Vulcan talks about his experience with Danny and finally breaking the Cloud9 stigma.

Evil Geniuses look like the best team in the LCS at the moment. From positive imports to rookies popping off, EG is definitely the favorite to lift the LCS Lock in the trophy. There is one player that stands out from above the rest, however. That player's name is Philippe "Vulcan" Laflamme. The two-time LCS champion made the jump to Evil Geniuses following his departure from Cloud9.

Vulcan's new side Evil Geniuses has enjoyed life in the LCS Lock in thus far, the squad is yet to drop again and has already displayed their talent is a closely contested match against LCS superteam Team Liquid. Following their first week, Vulcan got to sit down with the press, where he discussed his experience with Danny, his job as the more experienced player in the bottom lane and finally breaking a certain Cloud9 stigma.

EG's bottom lane of Vulcan and Danny are impressing

The EG bottom lane of Vulcan and Danny is already proving to be a success for Evil Geniuses. While it could be premature to say, Danny is not showing any signs of having a sophomore year. Furthermore, Vulcan is back to his best after having an inconsistent year on Cloud9. While brief, Vulcan discussed what it has been like playing with Danny thus far.

"He is really good, he does crazy plays in scrims where on my screen he is just dead but then he turns around and kills everyone. He clicks very well is very efficient about his autos and stuff so he is very good mechanically it's just about for me specifically turning him into a more complete player"

EG Vulcans duty to be the veteran Danny needs

For Vulcan, he is stepping into unchartered territory for the first time in his LCS career he will be the more experienced player in the bottom lane. EG Vulcan's previous experiences were him pairing up against former SKT World Champion in Piglet and one of the greatest western ADC's in Zven. This time, it will be Vulcan's turn to be the experienced player and he aims to help Danny with any problems that may arise.

"It is a big change, well, first of all, it is a lot of responsibility on my shoulders, so it is my job to go to Danny and even if I don't know the answer to the problem we have it is my responsibility to go up and start the conversation and try to fix issues that might arise. Which is something I might not be the most comfortable with but its something I have to do."

Vulcan is confident he will break the Cloud9 stigma

Vulcan had a strong debut on Evil Geniuses, breaking the 'stigma' of C9 players leaving the org and unable to play the game as well.
Vulcan had a strong debut on Evil Geniuses, breaking the 'stigma' of C9 players leaving the org and unable to play the game as well.

Over the years, Cloud9 has produced an abundance of talent for the LCS. They have not only been able to develop their own talent well, but also turn other teams rags into riches. One of the most recent examples of this is Zven. The former G2 and TSM star joined Cloud9 and was able to recapture some of the success he built in Europe, winning multiple LCS titles and attending a worlds quarter-final.

There have been many players, however, throughout LCS history who have not had great careers following their departure from one of NA's biggest orgs. EG Vulcan believes he is good because of his own personal skill and leaving Cloud9 will not make him a worse player.

"It feels nice to have a strong debut because there is always this stigma around C9 players leaving C9 and magically can't play the game anymore for some reason. Not that it worries me very much because I am good because of me and not C9. But it still feels good to show people that I got it and prove to these teams that they should be scared of me and when they load in lobby they should be scared of seeing my name."

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