EG puts the LCS on blast with hilarious call out cover image

EG puts the LCS on blast with hilarious call out

EG’s trash-talking new video is precisely what the LCS needs to stay fresh.

While the golden age of LCS trash talk might have waned, Evil Geniuses are trying to revive it with a dramatic post that puts the entire region on blast. In a video posted to social media yesterday (Friday, February 5th), EG CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson partnered with content creators tayAFK and ARUUU to roast the rest of the LCS.

The video starts by calling the LCS a “raging dumpster fire” before launching into japes and mockery of their seasonal opponents. EG’s CEO proclaims that the organization is building “an empire for North America.”

Their Own Way

Claiming they’re doing it “their own way”, ARUUU hands the CEO a series of pieces of paper, conveniently transparent, through which we read “The Flyquest Way,” “The 100 Thieves Way,” and “The TSM Way.” Jameson quips “Hippies. Hoodies. Absolutely f-ing not” referencing Flyquest’s environmental efforts, 100T’s clothing-drop focused approach, and Team SoloMid’s, well, ‘alternative management style.’ 

Finally, proclaiming they’re the most North American team in the league, they conveniently delete Counter Logic Gaming from their graph. CLG is the only other team with four native NA players in the LCS. The rest have at least two imports or former imports granted resident status. Just in case the light-hearted nature of the post is missed, tayAFK holds up a sign saying “EG Copium.”

EG’s refreshing content approach

Overall the video taps into an often underutilized part of EG’s brand: The part where they’re evil geniuses. Talking about world domination, master plans, and sitting the incredibly charismatic LaPoint Jameson in a white throne flanked by henchmen is a ‘genius’ move.

And beyond that, it’s so refreshing to see some deliberate trash-talking and inflammatory words from the LCS. Compared to its European equivalent, the LCS has felt sanitized and sparse in personality over the past few years. This kind of content helps rehab that image a lot.

Evil Geniuses went 4-0 in the group stage of the LCS Lock-in 2022. A similarly undefeated run through the Playoffs saw them only fall to Team Liquid in the Finals. And while a 3-0 stomping by team they’d comfortably handled in groups isn’t the best omen heading into the regular season, it’s certainly something.

EG faces TSM in the opening matchup of the LCS Spring 2022 Group Stage this evening (Saturday, February 5th).