Following their second victory over LCO side ORDER, EG Inspired spoke to the media in a post-match scrum.

Evil Geniuses are starting to warm up at MSI 2022, the newly crowned LCS champions took down LCO side ORDER. This win puts EG comfortably in second place with a two-win gap over ORDER. Following their victory, EG Inspired spoke to the press about the current ping issues and more.

Q: Since you are in Group C, you have to play your two opponents four times, is it easy to remain focussed in this type of group?

EG Inspired: Yeah, I think so. I expected ORDER to be a lot worse than us and G2. So going into the tournament, I thought that it might be a mini Rift-Rivals between us and G2 [laughs]. But even against ORDER I still have to respect them and not lose focus, they are still decent players and if you make mistakes they will punish you.

Q: I wanted to speak about the ping issues that have been an apparent problem at MSI, how has the experience been for you personally going from low solo queue ping to a forced 35 ping on stage?

EG Inspired: It definitely feels worse. If you play champions that require higher mechanics, or champions that require combos with flash for example if you miss those you may lose confidence in the game. The ping doesn’t feel that stable. I would say it doesn’t feel like 35 ping, it feels a bit laggy. I guess we just have to adapt to it.

Q: What do you think about Wukong in the jungle right now?

EG Inspired: I think Wukong jungle is pretty strong. I have played it quite a lot in solo queue. I think that’s the reason why it has been banned four times against us so far. So yeah I think it is pretty strong.

Q: Although it was announced prior that there will be extra ping, did you think it would be a problem? and has playing on the high ping made you guys reevaluate your drafts?

EG Inspired: Before MSI I knew this will happen, but I thought the ping would not be noticeable really because at 35 ping it should not really change much. But during the practice, we were practising on the client that we would be playing on stage to get used to it. But that is when we realised it is not that stable and does not feel good to play on.

Q: In the past, I have been told NA teams have struggled to get scrims against Korean and Chinese teams, is this still the case this year?

T1 competing at MSI 2022. Photo credit: Lee Aiksoon/Riot Games

EG Inspired: I mean, we played against T1 and some other Korean teams and got kinda smashed, so I can see why those teams don’t want to scrim NA teams much because they don’t learn much. I think Jojo had the most to take away from those games, he didn’t have that much competition in NA while here every mid laner is good. So he can learn from everyone and that these games aren’t a waste.

EG Inspired: “In NA when Jojo would click forward, they would click backwards. While at MSI, when he is playing against players like Faker, he is not scared of him

Q: I wanted to follow up on that, what were your main takeaways from scrimming against the Korean teams?

EG Inspired: I think for Jojo, the biggest takeaway was the laning phase, right? In NA, when Jojo would click forward, they would click backwards. While at MSI, when he is playing against players like Faker, he is not scared of him. So he would attack him the moment Jojo tries to play more aggressive and he will get punished for it.

As for jungle, it is a very specific role. Here, junglers are so much better at playing around their winning lanes. I think the Korean and Chinese teams play so well around their winning lanes and once they start winning, it is impossible to change it.

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