EG Ignar on loss to TSM: “We weren’t sure when to take fights” cover image

EG Ignar on loss to TSM: “We weren’t sure when to take fights”

We sat down with legendary support, IgNar, to reflect on the loss, what went wrong, and how he and Danny will play together moving forward.

TSM took down Evil Geniuses on the second day of Week 1 in the LCS Summer Split 2021. The game seemed done and dusted at around the 16th minute mark in favor of EG. However, TSM and Lost didn't let go of their chances and flipped a 4K gold deficit into a win.

This would have marked the first win for newly joined ADC rookie, Danny. The player was promoted into Evil Genuises' League of Legends roster from the academy. He replaced Matthew "Deftly" Chen, who fans would admit wasn't the problem with the organization's roster or results.

We got the opportunity to sit down with Lee "IgNar" Dong-geun, EG's veteran jungler. For those unfamiliar with IgNar's achievements, he finished 2nd in the LCS 2020 Spring and Summer Playoffs, and known mostly for the legendary series against SKT at Worlds 2017

Question: Do you feel there was any struggles against TSM Lost and SwordArt?

IgNar: I don't believe we struggled against them at all really. In fact, we won the lane and we managed to get first tower when I moved towards rift herald. We were ahead and the gold we got from first tower on top of the CS difference between us put us more in the lead. We were ahead by 30-40 CS at around 10 minutes.

Question: At the 16th minute mark, Evil Geniuses were just shy of 4K gold ahead over TSM. What do you think went wrong in the mid and late game for you as a team?

IgNar: We weren't sure when to take fights. We were hesitant with our engagements and didn't commit when we knew we are stronger than them. To me, I can't hook anyone from TSM when I know I don't have my team ready to jump on them once I do. TSM were able to take advantage of us being hesitant with fights and took the ones they knew they will win.

Question: You and Danny are basically a new botlane duo in the LCS. How did you feel playing with Danny? Do you think it will take time for your playstyle to grow together as a unit?

IgNar: Danny has tons of potential and he proved he is a good player. He still needs to improve his macro decisions, but mechanically he is very strong. He is very young and has a lot to learn. That's why I try to guide him on what to do, and we will need to work on what to do outside of lane as well.

For now, every 10 shotcalls between us is split to 9 by me and 1 by him. It is natural as I have the more experience and used to playing against these players for years now. It will take some time to get used to each other but I am sure it won't be long.

Question: Do you think you will face more trouble against the likes of K1ng-Vulcan or Tactical-CoreJJ?

IgNar: No, I don't think so. We have a playstyle we believe works with everyone. I have my confidence in Danny and he trusts me to support him well. That's all we need to do to win our lane.

Question: Do you think Danny's inexperience will restrict you to avoid playing roaming supports to stay with him in lane as long as possible?

IgNar: No, not necessarily. Of course I want to protect him and make sure he has an enough lead to be on his own. I trust Danny's abilities to do the right decisions when I am outside of lane to roam. I doubt it will affect my champion selection at all really.

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