Doublelift had some choice words for Riot’s designers of the new Chemtech Dragon in the League of Legends 2022 preseason.

The new League of Legends preseason patch is upon us, bringing some pretty radical changes to Summoner's Rift. Chief among the biggest changes are two new Dragons for players to slay, bringing the Chemtech and Hextech buffs to the game. As one of the game's biggest streamers and personalities, Peter "Doublelift" Yilang has some hot takes on these changes to the game.

"The fact that they felt the need to add something new to the game and then they chose this strange camoflague thing," Doublelift complained. "I feel like Chemtech Soul and Chemtech Dragon just shouldn't exist because it's so broken. It's so badly balanced. That's the way it feels to me. It feels like the Chemtech Soul map, playing on it is just the worst. It feels gimmicky, it feels abusable. It's so one sided because the one who has control of it, always keeps control. It's just really poorly designed. I don't really think anyone likes it. Other than that, what's the point of preseason?"

What does the Chemtech Dragon Soul do?

Slaying the Chemtech Drake will grant a standard buff that:

  • Grants bonus damage against enemies with more current health than you (up to a 5% increase in damage per stack).

If the Chemtech Drake would be the Dragon Soul of the match, the buff goes even further:

  • When a team obtains the Chemtech Dragon Soul, they receive a buff that grants them a brief second life after they die. Over the course of the duration, the champion's health rapidly decreases until they die again.

Perhaps more importantly (at least to Doublelift) it changes the entire terrain of the map.

When the terrain transforms for the Chemtech Drake, gas zones emerge in four jungle locations. Gas zones camouflage any champion within the zone. Camouflaged enemies remain invisible regular vision wards, but instead by Control Wards, Scryer’s Blooms, and other things that reveal invisible units.

Riot promised that if these changes remain too impactful, nerfs may come before the esports season kicks off.

“Our goal is to add more unique encounters and meaningful strategy to the mid and late game,” Riot’s lead gameplay producer Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee said back in October. “That said, these are some pretty big changes and we’re ready to adjust if they’re making too much [or] too little of an impact.”

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