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Dantes’ Challenger Race: The Winner has Been Crowned! cover image

Dantes’ Challenger Race: The Winner has Been Crowned!


Your Dantes Challenger Race winner has been crowned…

The Race to Challenger, Dantes' Challenger Race is completed, with the winner has been crowned, with TF Blade taking home the gglory
A challenge among the top streamers on the North American League server the challenge saw them start on an unranked account, streaming every game they grinded while playing the ranked queue. First to the rank Challenger won. No duos allowed.
This was the brain child of Dantes "Doaenel" and took place across just over five days, starting on Jan. 10 and ending when someone hit Rank 1 on Challenger. Oh and did we forget to mention? The winner received $10k. If that isn’t an incentive to grind solo queue, we don’t know what is.

Who won the challenge?

While everyone started on level footing, it became clear in a matter of days just who would pull ahead. For much of the race Dantes “Doaenel,” and Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni were going back and forth for the top spot. You could track their progress on the official website for Dantes’ Challenger race, and the site now declares the winner.
TF Blade Listed as Winner - Image via Official Website
TF Blade Listed as Winner - Image via Official Website
Ultimately, despite a hard fought race between Doaenel and TF Blade, TF Blade won out, and was declared the winner. Claiming the title of winner and the $10k prize pool.

Is the challenge going to happen again?

Official Website - coming back for another round
Official Website - coming back for another round
While there hasn’t been a set day yet, the official website has a section saying "coming soon." So, we can assume that the race will make a return with a group of different streamers.
But while we wait for this, you can watch all content from the race on Doaenel’s YouTube challenge and follow his Twitter for updates on when we might see the race return. Who knows, maybe we will see this challenge go to other servers? EUW next?
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Nia Quinn
Nia Quinn
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