CTBC Flying Oyster eliminated from Worlds 2022 cover image

CTBC Flying Oyster eliminated from Worlds 2022

Flying Oyster’s leave Worlds 2022 group stage after failing to beat 100 Thieves and Gen.G in rematch. Their exit marks the end for minor region presence in this edition of the tournament.

CBTC Flying Oyster become the seventh team to be eliminated from the Worlds 2022 group stage. The PCS first seed fell out of quarterfinals contention after losing to Gen.G in their fifth game of the competition.

Poor second half ends CBTC Flying Oyster's run

Flying Oyster made an exciting debut to Worlds with a huge win against T1. They also pushed Gen.G to their limits in the first round of the group stage. However, they failed to show more in the second half of the group stage. The team's loss to 100 Thieves in the second half of the group stage put them in a tough spot in the group. They needed a win against LCK Champions Gen.G to keep their tournaments hope alive.

The game against Gen.G started well for the Flying Oysters. They got a kill onto Choi "Doran" Hyeon-joon after just two minutes and looked set to take over the top lane. However, things quickly went sideways for CFO as Gen.G completed a successful gank on the bot lane map and quickly accelerated the game from there.

Gen.G vs CFO stats. Image credit: LoL Esports Stats
Gen.G vs CFO stats. Image credit: LoL Esports Stats

CFO failed to find answers to the Lucian-Nami bot lane; Gen.G extended their gold lead to over 3,000 in the fourteenth-minute and took all objectives. After a failed attempt to steal the third dragon, the game was over for CFO as Gen.G took the baron and ended the game with a 14,000 gold lead.

No minor region in Worlds 2022 quarterfinals

CFO's Worlds 2022 group stage exit means that there will be no minor region team in the quarter-final stage. Given the level of performance from the LCK and LPL teams, it was hard to see CFO leaving the group stage. Nonetheless, fans were excited to see a new face from the PCS at Worlds.

The Worlds 2022 group stage ends today with 8 teams progressing to the quarterfinals.