Cloud9’s unrivalled streak moves into double digits, here is how they punched their ticket to the finals.

Cloud9 made LCS history last night, the five-time LCS champions punched their ticket to yet another final after taking down FlyQuest 3-0. This victory is significant because C9 continues their unrivaled LCS streak of making an LCS final in every calendar year since its inception in 2013. This victory over FlyQuest ensured that streak continued, moving to a historic tenth year.

The most consistent team in North America

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Whether they are the most popular organization in the LCS or not, no one can deny that Cloud9 is by far the most consistent. For ten years C9 has consistently been in contention to win a championship. Even when they had a sustained period of finishing in second place to dominant TSM and Team Liquid rosters, that never swayed Jack Etienne and the C9 coaching staff from rebuilding and going again.

And while the mentioned organizations have fallen to the wayside, C9 remains on top of North America. EMENES is another example of C9's brilliance, turning one team's problem into their own solution. Cloud9 has a history of transforming players into a better version of themselves. Svenskeren, Nisqy, and Zven are just a few players that the organization took a chance on despite the community seeing these moves in a negative light. These moves have allowed Cloud9 to time and time again compete for the LCS title. Here is the complete list of every grand-final Cloud9 has competed in:

  • 2013 NA LCS Summer Finals
  • 2014 NA LCS Spring Finals
  • 2014 NA LCS Summer Finals
  • 2015 NA LCS Spring Finals
  • 2016 NA LCS Summer Finals
  • 2017 NA LCS Spring Finals
  • 2018 NA LCS Summer Finals
  • 2019 LCS Summer Finals
  • 2020 LCS Spring finals
  • 2021 LCS Spring Finals
  • 2022 LCS Summer Finals
  • 2023 LCS Spring Finals (Ongoing)

Cloud9 sweeps FlyQuest 3-0 in LCS upper bracket finals

Cloud9 huddles onstage before competing during the Playoffs of the 2023 LCS Spring Split at the Riot Games Arena on March 30, 2023. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
Cloud9 huddles onstage before competing during the Playoffs of the 2023 LCS Spring Split at the Riot Games Arena on March 30, 2023. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

After the upper bracket semifinals, no one was expecting this series to be a 3-0. The LCS analyst desk on broadcast all had Cloud9 to progress outside of Dhokla, but none of them was confident enough to have them sweep the second-best team from the regular season.

Cloud9 in many ways was limping into the upper bracket final after another close best-of-five with Counter Logic Gaming. This is an organization that has consistently pushed C9 to its limit regardless of how the teams have been performing. As for FlyQuest, they put on a dominant display against 100 Thieves, a side that had been on a roll.

This series, however, was anything but close. One of the main reasons C9 is such a feared team is because of their variety in the draft. EMENES, who is largely known for his strong playstyle on assassins, pulled out the Tristana in the mid-lane for game one. This was an interesting pick, a pick that was used against C9 during the regular season against Evil Geniuses.

Across the map, Cloud9 has so much variety in their picks that it is very difficult for teams in the LCS to prepare for them. Whether Blaber is only playing tanks, to Zven playing lane-dominant champions such as Heimerdinger, there isn't an area on the map that can be banned out.

This variety allows for C9 to consistently mix things up while consistently playing with winning lanes. Winning lanes is the best feeling for a jungler, and Blaber made the most of it. This was evident on display last night, Cloud9 was first to almost every objective and was able to force FlyQuest into making uncomfortable decisions. Below are the official vods for all three games.

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