Enchanters in mid lane are 2-0 in the LCS, the LS era has officially arrived.

It's a 2-0 week for Cloud9 to start the 2022 LCS season. They were a question mark coming into the season, bringing in controversial streamer Nick "LS" De Cesare as their head coach. But LS' strategies are already paying off! Both games were won with an enchanter in the mid lane, including a win over Lock In finalists Evil Geniuses.

Cloud9 crush Golden Guardians in 25 minute LCS match

Cloud9's first game with their full roster, and LS' first as their head coach, began with double enchanters drafted. Ibrahim "Fudge" Allami was put on Ivern in the mid lane, while Kim "Winsome" Dong-keon played Sona. Lastly, Gwen - usually a top laner - was flexed to the jungle.

Golden Guardians put up a bit of a fight, playing a composition revolving around Qiyana as an assassination threat. But ultimately, Cloud9 stifled their opponents and took a quick win.

Golden Guardians couldn't work through all the healing and shields Cloud9 had. In a swift 25 minutes, the game was over, and Cloud9 delivered a statement opening win in the LCS.

EG makes it closer - until Berserker arrives

The second game for Cloud9 saw them picking up maybe LS' favourite pick, Soraka. Fudge played it in the mid lane. Cloud9 also picked an early game champion, Olaf. That's unlike LS, but it is one of Blaber's favourites.

And it proved to be a great early strategy. Blaber was all over the rift, diving and getting out thanks to Soraka's healing. Evil Geniuses began to turn it around in the mid game, and eventually even stole the Elder Drake. But then, Berserker happened.

The rookie AD Carry came to life at the perfect time, smashing a late fight to deliver a victory.

Fudge: "I haven't played an actual Soraka game in 2 years"

In a post-game interview, Fudge even said that this was a first-time champion for him. He also dove further into the lane matchup against jojopyun's Viktor, and had some fighting words for his opponent.

"I practiced this mid matchup a lot of times in 1v1s, and although I didn't play a single Soraka game for the past 2 years - I haven't played an actual Soraka game in 2 years - I played a lot of 1v1s with Copy, the academy mid laner, and I think he actually played the matchup better than jojopyun."

C9 will look to keep the good performances rolling with matches against Lock-In winners Team Liquid and Immortals next week.

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