Cloud9 will face 100 Thieves later tonight in a battle for first place in Group A.

The LCS Lock in tournament is once again living up to the hype as a fun kick starter event for the LCS. Although his side is a makeshift lineup, Blaber and the rest of Cloud9 are currently sitting top of Group A with a 3-0 record. Following his 3-0 start, C9 Blaber spoke to the press about their playstyle, what it is like playing with Fudge mid and also the new Dragon changes.

"I think this is just how games look when you're better than your opponents and they aren't doing anything to try and win"

Regardless of whether this is how new Cloud9 coach Nick "LS" De Cesare wants to set his team up, Cloud9 already look like a far more controlled team when compared to their 2021 roster. Accord11ing to League of Legends stats site Oracles Elixir, Blaber and C9 top the tournament with a 69% first dragon taken rate and an overall Dragon percentage of 59%.

When asked about it during his scrum, C9 Blaber played down the idea that their playstyle is a byproduct of LS's coaching and more just being better players.

"I'm not sure because we have only been practising for very little time like two weeks I would say so,  I do think we are playing good league of legends right now, we secure most of our objectives and I think the other opponents are just not playing very well to punish us they,  aren't doing anything proactive and I think this is just how games look when you're better than your opponents and they aren't doing anything to try and win."

Fudge is already showing off his talent in a new role

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One of the more surprising changes for Cloud9 in the offseason was Ibrahim "Fudge" Allami, the summer split all-pro toplaner made the jump during the offseason to accommodate for superstar LCK top laner Park "Summit" Woo-tae.

Over the course of 2021, Fudge went from being the main reason Cloud9 was losing games, to the player that was carrying his side come the World Championship. Fudge's ability to adapt and grow as a player is currently unrivalled and should easily become a top player in his role come to the end of the year.

We got to find out how Blaber is finding Fudge's transition to the mid lane during his scrum.

"Yeah, Fudge has definitely gotten a lot better as a player for sure, he didn't really understand matchups too well at the beginning of scrims so he was losing priority or not playing the matchups as well as he wanted but he has been learning them a lot more recently so I think he is doing a lot better because of that."

This is something Fudge alluded to on the LCS broadcast. When he first transitioned into the role he was a lower tier mid laner. However, in the past week, Fudge has gotten a lot better at the role and is now more middle of the pack.

C9 Blaber shares his thoughts on the new Dragon changes

During the offseason, Riot made some big changes to the Dragons, adding in Chemtech and Hextech. Both Dragons have seen both positive and negative feedback. Starting with the Hextech Dragon, Blaber personally doesn't mind this Dragon due to how the portals interact with the map.

"I don't mind the hextech drake it definitely changes the game just because the portals allow you to be on the map so fast and allow your tempo to be a lot worse. It basically allows you to cheat your tempo."

Moving onto the most controversial Dragon, the Chemtech Dragon. If the Soul is Chemtech, good luck for whoever does not receive it. The Chemtech soul allows for players to be revived in "Zombie Sion" form, and depending on the team comp, this can completely tip the scales. If the map is Chemtech, certain areas of the jungle will be camouflaged. Within this camo, you will do more damage to players who have more health than you.

Blaber expresses his dislike for this Drake during his scrum:

"I personally don't like the chemtech map just because I don't like the design of the shroud because some champions like Qiyana just can't play the game with that map because you can't pick up grass anywhere. So stuff like that I think is very game-breaking but it's just something to adapt to."

Cloud9 will return to action this evening when they take on the 2021 LCS summer split champions 100 Thieves in the second game of the day.

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