He also revealed he will co-stream Worlds 2023.

Marc Robert "Caedrel" Lamont has announced a sudden retirement from League of Legends shoutcasting, he announced today. The 27-year-old British caster will focus on going full-time in streaming. Replacing him on the Worlds 2023 broadcast is Joe ‘Munchables’ Fenny.

Caedrel steps down as LEC caster

Balancing a career as a caster and a streamer was proving to be extremely challenging, Lamont said in a post. 

And so, looking to 2024, I will be moving away from being core broadcast talent on the LEC to focus full-time on streaming.

Caedrel will move away from lec broadcast

His time on the LEC broadcast saw him bring unique perspectives with his post-game segments. His time as a player - as a jungler - allowed him to have deeper insights providing a valuable addition to the broadcast.

Caedrel said juggling broadcast and streaming was exhausting and was taking a toll on his life.

The struggle I've faced is that I’ve been pulled around between two different worlds of being a caster and a streamer for years now. Trying to keep both going has contributed to a lot of exhaustion and stress where I feel like I've been going nonstop for so long that everything’s starting to become so overwhelming. It’s affecting my work in both areas as well as my personal life and I've neglected it for too long - juggling being a caster and a streamer has become too much.


Despite not being on the broadcast, Caedrel might still pop up as a guest on the stream.

This doesn't mean I'll disappear completely from the LEC. I hope to still pop my head in on the broadcast and be around from time to time as a guest. 


Caedrel to co-stream Worlds 2023

With Worlds 2023 coming up soon, he also announced he will be co-streaming the mega event. He's not new to the world of co-streaming, having done it for numerous LoL events including MSI 2023. Caedrel will now bring his trademark analysis and commentary to his own streams.

Co-streaming has been something that I've been doing for years now and will hopefully become my primary focus of League of Legends content for the future, covering the competitive side of the game across major regions as well as big events.


The community has been extremely supportive of his decision and many have wished him luck in his ‘new’ career choice.