Broxah will be taking a break from competitive League, despite having options to continue playing in 2022.

Danish jungler Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pederson has announced on stream that he will be taking a break from the competitive League in 2022, despite having options to continue competing.

Following his three-year stint as Fnatic’s starting jungler, Broxah moved to the LCS to play for Team Liquid in 2020 and Counter Logic Gaming in 2021 and was met with varying success. While the jungler was able to make it to the World Championship stage in 2020, his 2021 campaign was met with little success, failing to make the playoffs in both Spring and Summer.

“I did have options to continue my playing career in LCS/LEC this upcoming split,” Broxah stated in his Twitter photo. “But after a long 2021, I felt worn out and underwhelmed by the projects presented to me. I concluded that it is the right moment to take a break and that a different challenge will give me a new perspective on the game.

Broxah is an accomplished jungler that has played in both Europe and North America through each region's main leagues, LEC and LCS. 

Image via Riot Games.
Image via Riot Games.

Throughout his six-year career in League, Broxah has made it to the LoL World Championships four times, which include two quarter-finals and one finals appearance. Regionally, he was also able to win two splits with Fnatic back in 2018 Spring and Summer where he was an integral part of the successful Fnatic era.

“I can’t tell you how long that break is going to be,” Broxah pauses before continuing on. “I’m planning on returning. I am not done being a pro player, and I am fully confident in my own skills and my own abilities as a jungler. I know I have what it takes to be on a top team, and obviously, I hope it is just a matter of time before I get the chance again to showcase that.”

Broxah detailed that for the time being, he will be a full-time streamer in his hometown of Denmark and grinding out solo queue to maintain his level of play and make a return to competitive play in the future.

“Thank you everyone out there who has been supporting me throughout these past years, all your kindness has warmed my heart and helped me in both good and bad times. I hope you will still have my back going forward. I will try to make you proud.” Broxah concluded.

As Broxah continues to take a break from the competitive scene, fans of the Danish jungler can follow his journey on Twitch, where he will be a full-time streamer until his eventual return.

Meanwhile, the 2022 LEC Spring Split will begin shortly starting on January 14th. (LEC schedule) Ten LEC teams will compete across eight weeks in a double-round robin format where the top six teams will qualify for the 2022 LEC Spring playoffs. 
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