A report has come out that Bjergsen is looking to return to professional play. The longtime TSM star had a long career and was a leader in the North American LoL scene. He coached the team this year, and remains a part-owner.

A report from Upcomer details that longtime TSM star Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg is looking to return to professional League of Legends play. Bjergsen retired at the end of 2020, and was the coach of TSM's LCS team this year.

Bjergsen at Worlds 2020. Image credit: David Lee/Riot Games.
Bjergsen at Worlds 2020. Image credit: David Lee/Riot Games.

A longtime star returns?

For those unfamiliar with Bjergsen's storied career, it's a long and successful one. He came over to TSM from Europe in 2013, and would become the team's mid laner for the next 7 years. Over that time, he would win 6 LCS titles. Along with Yilliang "Doublelift" Peng, he became a face of LoL Esports in North America.

He helped establish TSM as the most prestigious League of Legends organization in North America. In 2019, he became a part-owner of the org. He stayed at the top of his game throughout his career, being widely regarded as the team's best player in their run to the LCS title in Summer 2020.

However, international success always eluded him. In a famously disappointing end to his pro career, TSM failed to win a game in the group stage of Worlds 2020. Rumours abounded at this time that Bjergsen was essentially coaching the team as well as playing, and this was fully established as his new career path that offseason. As coach this year, Bjergsen guided the expensive TSM roster to 4th place, just out of a Worlds spot.

Bjergsen at Worlds 2020. Image credit: Yicun Liu/Riot Games.
Bjergsen at Worlds 2020. Image credit: Yicun Liu/Riot Games.

Potential destinations for Bjergsen

According to Upcomer's report, Bjergsen is looking for opportunites both in Europe and North America. It would be strange to see him off of TSM, but there's neat possibilities in both regions. Seeing if he can still match up against European talent - something we never saw with prime Bjergsen - would be interesting, as would a rematch against TSM if he joins another North American org.

However, the big caveat is that he's still a part-owner of TSM. Switching teams would mean cashing out on this, probably a poor idea financially given the influx of cash the org has seen recently. Whatever happens, it will be incredibly interesting to watch play out.

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