A shock announcement from Bjergsen saw one of the best players in NA reveal his retirement from competitive League of Legends.

On April 7, Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg announced his retirement from pro play, finishing his career with his current team 100 Thieves. The retirement announcement came in a video from Bjergsen himself, posted on his Twitter.

"It just didn't feel as fulfilling as it did when I was younger"

- Bjergsen 2023

Bjergsen is perhaps one of the best-known players across League of Legends. Having started his career in 2012 in the European League of Legends scene, his career has spanned over ten years and two regions, as both player and coach. During his career, he became one of the most-respected players and Bjergsen's legacy was one of starting small and becoming one of the most infamous players to ever play.

Why is Bjergsen's retirement so shocking and significant?

Despite having "retired" before - back in 2020 to become a coach for TSM - This recent announcement seemingly came out of nowhere. Bjergsen came out of his retirement as a coach to play pro once more for Team Liquid. Though he had stated he personally didn't view his move in 2020 as retirement as he had remained within pro League of Legends.

Nonetheless, following his return to pro play, he continued his career for the 2023 season by joining 100 Thieves. Joining 100 Thieves had been a huge moment for LCS fans as it featured Bjergsen and Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng reuniting on the same team..

What were his best moments?

Having become one of the GOATs of League of Legends, it's up for debate what his true best-ever moments were, but there's plenty of highlights to choose from. On an individual level, Bjergsen claimed numerous awards and titles including:

  • LCS Most Valuable Player (2015 Spring, 2016 Summer, 2017 Summer)
  • LCS 1st All-Pro Team (2016 Summer, 2017 Spring, 2018 Spring, 2019 Spring, 2020 Summer, 2022 Spring)

Bjergsen also secured five pentakills across his career, spanning from 2013 to the most recent back in 2020.

Following his retirement, numerous casters, pros and commentators have expressed their respect and admiration for Bjergsen. This may be the end of one chapter, but Bjergsen's legacy will live on.

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