Aurelion Sol immediately gets hotfix after rework deemed broken cover image

Aurelion Sol immediately gets hotfix after rework deemed broken


Aurelion Sol’s rework was so good it was broken, prompting an instant hotfix from Riot Games.

Just under two days after Aurelion Sol, League of Legends’ cosmic dragon, received his new rework, the celestial lizard was hit with a hotfix nerfing him back down to earth. Aurelion Sol’s rework debut with a 22% pick rate and 54% win rate. As a result Aurelion Sol’s jungle damage, AP ratio’s burst, slow, and health per level all received nerfs.

Aurelion Sol hotfix numbers

Aurelion Sol

  • Base Stats
    • Health per level 106 reduced to 100
  • Q (Breath of Light)
    • Burst proc AP ratio: reduced from 50% to 40%
  • E (Singularity)
    • AP scaling: 40% >>> 25%
    • Stardust stacks from units dying inside Singularity:
    • Epic Monster: 10 reduced 5
    • Large Monster: 5 reduced to 3
  • R (Falling Star)
    • The Skies Descend (amplified R) slow reduced: 75% to 50%


  • Base Stats
    • Armor per level: 5.2 reduced to 4.7
  • E (Molten Shield)
    • Mana cost: 40 increased to 60-80
    • Shield AP scaling: 55% reduced to 40%

Why was Aurelian Sol nerfed?

As per Riot Yelough, game designer at Riot Games, the nerf was much needed: “If we left him in that state over the weekend, it is entirely possible he would break 55% win rate by Monday and would be a terror.”
Aurelion Sol’s rework was an attempt to bring the champion back into contention after falling into a bad state and barely being picked at all. However, upon launch, the rework seemingly made him far too strong. There are dozens of clips of players stomping with the dragon’s new abilities, and it shows how hard it is to balance a champion on release.

Annie and Aurelion Sol hit with nerfs in hotfix

Aurelion Sol and Annie were hit with the hotfix after being over-buffed (Image via Riot Games)
Aurelion Sol and Annie were hit with the hotfix after being over-buffed (Image via Riot Games)
Aurelion Sol wasn’t the only champion hit with nerfs, though, as Annie, who’d recently seen a huge surge in her win rate, was also struck with the hotfix. Annie, one of the simplest and oldest champions in the game, took some apparent “nerfs” (as per the patch notes). This tweaked her shield and Tibbers’ HP and movement speed, and she immediately became one of the best mid laners and supports in the game.
Annie skyrocketed to a 56% mid lane win rate on day one of the patch, with a 55% win rate on support. As a result, this hotfix has brought Annie back down to reality, hopefully preventing us from seeing so much of her in either lane.

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