Is this the anime comeback we were not expecting from Astralis?

The previously winless Astralis has astounded the previously undefeated Rogue after dealing them their first loss of the 2022 LEC Spring Split, simultaneously granting them their first win.

The slingshot used to take down LEC’s goliaths in Rogue has been echoed throughout the entire League community as the titans have been slain. And while it was inevitable that someone would eventually hand Rogue their first loss of 2022, nobody would’ve expected it to come at the hands of Astralis.

The 35-minute victory was not back and forth either. Throughout the entire game, it was Astralis outplaying Rogue in crucial teamfights that snowballed a massive lead into the mid-game. 

While Rogue was able to temporarily stall out the game off the back of impressive Jinx play from AD carry Comp, their final attempt to take baron was denied by Astralis who ended the game in their best game of 2022.

Zeri is unstoppable in the right hands

Image via Riot Games.
Image via Riot Games.

While a shocking defeat at the hands of a team who some feel might be worse than top ERL teams, Rogue made one crucial mistake that stems from draft. 

They left Zeri open. 

The new League champion has become a popular pick since making her debut in the LEC at the hands of MAD Lions AD Carry UNF0RGIVEN. Since that initial pickup, the Spark of Zaun has been played 88 times across all professional leagues, according to

She boasts a 66 percent win rate across these 88 games and has been banned 223 times. This has all been done in a one-week stretch as she has become a meta-defining champion.

And in the Astralis vs Rogue Game, Astralis AD carry Kobbe went rampant on the AD carry, carrying the mid to late game going 9/1/5 on the game.

Is this the Astralis LEC comeback in 2022?

Dajor was also a key factor in today's win.(Image via Riot Games and Astralis)
Dajor was also a key factor in today's win.(Image via Riot Games and Astralis)

Now, Astralis sit at a 1-9 record, which is still not ideal, but it is worlds better than the perceived 0-10 streak they were supposed to be on. As for Rogue, their loss to Astralis is not the end of the world. 

Aside from their pride, Rogue has amassed a three-game lead over Fnatic and G2 Esports, who are tied for second. With just eight games left on the 2022 LEC Spring regular season, Rogue is still in a prime spot to grab 1st seed in the Spring Playoffs.

The 2022 LEC Spring Split is currently in its fifth week as Rogue stands atop the leaderboard. LEC’s first day of week five will conclude with MAD Lions vs G2 Esports.

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