Netflix’s Arcane Season 2, set to be aired, in November 2024 will be the conclusion of the Jinx and Vi story arc.

Arcane Season 2 revealed the most-anticipated teaser trailer on June 11. This award-winning series, a collaboration between Netflix, Riot Games’ League of Legends, and animation studio Fortiche, is set to air in November 2024.

The 91-second footage showcases returning characters from the previous season, including Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, Heimerdinger, and others, while also introducing new characters. These additions aim to bring the story of Piltover and Zaun to the finale.

Arcane Season 2 Trailer: What's Inside? 

The teaser opens with the ominous line, "Your Council is dead," directly referencing the impact of Jinx's attack at the end of Season 1. This sets the stage for Vi, who joins the Piltover enforcers, to hunt down her sister Jinx.

The same video shows us the Hextech-powered gauntlets equipped by Vi in the Arcane Season 1, while Caitlyn wields a brand new Hextech-powered sniper rifle similar to the one she uses in League of Legends.

Caitlyn outlines their three primary missions: "Locate Jinx," "Dismantle Shimmer," and "Neutralize any agents still loyal to Silco," indicating that the conflict will extend beyond just Jinx and Vi.

The teaser suggests that Vi has accepted that her sister "Powder" is gone and is determined to end everything from the side of Piltover.

Riot Games confirms Jinx & Vi story will end in Arcane Season 2 

Riot Games captioned the teaser with, "Arcane, the final season coming this November to Netflix," highlighting that the story of Piltover and Zaun, and the saga of Jinx and Vi, will conclude in November 2024.

Christian Linke, co-creator of Arcane, announced in a Dev Update uploaded on the same day as the teaser that the story of Arcane will conclude with the second season.

Riot Games promises more cinematics for other champions

Linke added that Arcane is just the beginning of a larger storytelling journey, with their partnership with French animation studio Fortiche Production promising more stories set in the League of Legends universe, Runeterra.

Jinx and Vi have evolved from in-game champions to main characters in an award-winning TV series. Riot Games promises to give the same treatment to more champions from League of Legends.

Riot Games will reveal more information by end of 2024

While preparing for the November 2024 premiere of Arcane Season 2, Riot Games teased that they are also working on early stages of new projects involving cinematics across television and film.

Linke hinted that more updates regarding these new projects will be shared by the end of 2024, and of course, fans are eagerly hoping to see cinematics that explore other popular League of Legends lore, such as the Demacian-Noxian war, the ancient civilization of Shurima, or even the Ruination.

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