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Ahri’s foxy new League of Legends update refreshes sounds, splash arts, and animations cover image

Ahri’s foxy new League of Legends update refreshes sounds, splash arts, and animations


Ahri, the fox-like vastaya, is receiving some new visual updates and quality of life changes on the PBE.

It may be the year of the rabbit, but it’s League of Legend’s resident fox-girl who’s receiving some visual updates in an update that was revealed today. LoL’s official Twitter shared details of the work-in-progress update as a weekend treat, with some of the new animations, sounds, and splash art being shown.
League’s fiery kitsune has received a definite update to the quality of her animations, which bring them in-line with the modern style of the game. The sound effects, some of which remain the same from Ahri’s original 2011 release, have also received an update. But perhaps most dramatic are the update to the splash art, which have seen some glorious high-resolution art-pieces added to the PBE.

Ahri’s new splash art

Popstar Ahri's new splash art (Image via Riot Games)
Popstar Ahri's new splash art (Image via Riot Games)
Popstar, Midnight, Foxfire, and Challenger Ahri have all received updates to their splash art. Some of these splash arts have been in place for over a decade and definitely needed an update. However, others were perfectly serviceable, and many fans in the comments are voicing their concerns over the changes.
While changes on the PBE aren’t final, it’s unlike after commissioning and approving these new splash arts that Riot Games is going to go back to the old ones. Fans are just going to have to get used to the new splashes, which have no in-game effect. 
Changes to Ahri, one of the fan-favorite characters of League of Legends, are always going to elicit some controversy. But overall, the updates just show that Riot has the dedication to keep their game fresh, updating decades-old content even when it won’t directly benefit their bottom line. It’s great to see old skins get some love and attention.
Michael Hassall
Michael Hassall
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