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2022 LoL Roster Changes: LCS offseason mega thread cover image

2022 LoL Roster Changes: LCS offseason mega thread


With the 2021 World Championship behind us, the LCS is now preparing for its 2022 campaign.

With the 2021 League of Legends World Championship officially over, the LCS will be preparing for its 2022 campaign. With contracts expiring, a legend coming out of retirement, and superstar players looking to return home, here is Esportsgg's LoL roster changes mega-thread.

The rumor mill

This section will be dedicated to rumored roster moves and is awaiting confirmation. Esportsgg does not have any information in regards to these roster moves.
  • Team Liquid to field a roster of: Bwipo, Santorin, Bjergsen, Hans Sama and CoreJJ - Travis Gafford + Upcomer
  • Evil Geniuses to field a roster of: Impact, Inspired, Jojopyun, Danny, Vulcan - Travis Gafford

We will keep you up to date on every LCS roster change

  • 20th November: TSM announces the return of Tactical
  • 18th November: Alphari leaves Team Liquid
  • 15th November: Aphromoo departs from Dignitas
  • 15th November: PowerOfEvil leaves TSM and will join Immortals
  • 12th November: Perkz officially leaves Cloud9
  • 29th October: TSM confirms SwordArts departure
  • 28th October: TSM confirms Bjergsen departure

November 20th:

Tactical returns to TSM

Two years after derparting for Team Liquid, Tactical is back in the famous TSM jersey once again. Tactical makes his return to where it all started for him. The Team Liquid AD Carry will be teaming up with close friend and 2021 summer MVP Spica. Tactical enjoyed a decent year on Team Liquid and was solid at the 2021 World Championship.

November 18th:

Alphari departs from Team Liquid

After only a year in North America, Alphari will be departing from Team Liquid and heading back home to Europe. Alphari had an up and down year on Team Liquid where at times he was by far the best top laner in the region. Then there was drama throughout the season with evident friction between Alphari and the support staff of Team Liquid. Alphari will be going back to the LEC where he is to play alongside Perkz in Vitality's super team.
In the same announcement, Team Liquid informed the fans that AD Carry Tactical will be departing from the squad also.

November 15th:

Aphromoo leaves Dignitas and will join FlyQuest [announced on Free Agency show]

Aphromoo will be on the move as he makes his transfer from Dignitas to FlyQuest, this move was announced on Jacob Wolf's Free Agency show. While the move has not been officially announced by FlyQuest, Dignitas did announce last night the departure of Aphromoo after almost two years with the organization. Aphromoo is rumored to be reuniting with upcoming AD Carry Johnshun, with who he formed a formidable partnership during his time on DIG.

November 15th:

PowerOfEvil leaves TSM and has joined Immortals

Unfortunately for PowerOfEvil, the German international will be on the move once again, continuing his unfortunate streak of saying on a team for only one season. In what was an intense offseason for TSM, PoE was brought in to attempt to fill the shoes of a retiring Bjergsen. While he did an excellent job it was not enough for him and TSM who failed to reach the 2021 World Championship.
Following the news of his departure, Immortals confirmed the acquisition of the German international pending Riot approval. According to the Global Contract Database, PowerOfEvil will be signed to the roster until 2023.

November 12th:

Cloud9 announces Perkz departure after one year

A year out from his mega-move to North America. Perkz is officially leaving Cloud9 and will be returning home to Europe where he will join Team Vitality. Perkz for the most part had an up and down year on Cloud9. While he was able to win them a Spring championship, the roster scraped into Worlds after a poor summer split. It was obvious Perkz was never going to be able to pay back the money Cloud9 spent on him with international titles not being a realistic achievement. However, Perkz played a pivotal role not only in helping C9 qualify for Worlds but in making the quarter-finals too.

October 29th:

TSM announces SwordArt departure

Just 24 hours after the Bjergsen announcement, TSM has also announced they will be letting go of veteran support SwordArt. The 2020 World finalist signed with the LCS giants in an astounding big-money deal that would run for two years. While SwordArt made massive improvements in the summer split, SwordArt and failed to qualify for the 2021 World Championship and will now be on the hunt for a new support.
In a Q&A on Reddit, TSM owner Reginald confirmed Huni and Spica will be on the 2022 roster, though there was no mention of Lost. Here is the 2022 TSM roster as it stands:
  • Heo "Huni" Seung-hoon
  • Mingyi "Spica" Lu

October 28th:

Bjergsen declines TSM's offer to re-sign

Bjergsen will not be returning to TSM in 2022, a statement that has stung the hearts of many passionate TSM fans and LCS fans alike. It has been known for some time that the LCS veteran would be returning to pro play in 2022. It was wildly expected by the community that he would be returning to TSM. However, this is not the case as TSM management made the announcement on Twitter.
Stay tuned to esportsgg for the latest League of Legends news and updates.
Jordan Marney
Jordan Marney
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