100T FBI: “When I was younger I was always watching LCS, I was a big fan of Doublelift so it was pretty cool getting to come to the LCS and play against my idol.” cover image

100T FBI: “When I was younger I was always watching LCS, I was a big fan of Doublelift so it was pretty cool getting to come to the LCS and play against my idol.”

100T FBI speaks about Team Liquid, LCS playoffs and about his journey into the LCS which includes going up against his idol.

The 2022 LCS Championship is in full swing with spring finalists 100 Thieves looking to win their second consecutive summer championship. Having secured a bye to the second round in the upper bracket, 100T faces Team Liquid with the winner of this series already qualifying for Worlds.

Having taken down their rivals on the final day of the regular season. All eyes will be on 100 Thieves to replicate that same performance. The last time these sides met in a best-of-five was in the spring playoffs, where 100T took down TL in a thrilling five-game reverse sweep to make it to the finals. Following their bout on the final day of the regular season, 100T FBI spoke to Esports.gg's Piratechnics for an exclusive interview.

Pira: Congrats on the win you had a banger of a game against Team Liquid how are you feeling after that?

100T FBI: I am feeling pretty relieved that we won that game obviously the early game was not ideal and I think a lot of that was down to miss-execution in the bottom lane so we are going to have to have a look at that and fix that.

Pira: You played Senna and Seraphine in the bottom lane, not something that is a traditional 100 Thieves bottom lane, can you walk me through that 2v2 and those two champions in particular?

100T FBI: I think obviously Seraphine scales pretty well and it's a good champion for our team because we can flex it in multiple ways and I think it's very good if they group up and it worked out there.

Pira: Your team has locked out the second seed and you don't have to play a tiebreaker. How important is it for your team to be able to get that bye going into the playoffs?

100T FBI: It's not that important I would say because at the end of the day if you want to be the champion you have to beat anyone in your way. It still feels good to take Team Liquid down because that will be one of our matchups in the playoffs. It feels good to have that one up on them.

Pira: TL are looking pretty strong despite the win you had against them, they had a lot of great skirmishes today they do look like one of the toughest teams in the league, what do you think makes this squad so strong?

100T FBI: Obviously, they are a team full of veterans, very experienced players so they are generally pretty smart on how they want to play the game out. That being said I think sometimes they lack a bit of team play and their coordination is a bit off in the late game. I still think they are a really solid team with very strong individuals.

<em>Photo by: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games via ESPAT</em>
Photo by: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games via ESPAT

Pira: You could also say that about 100 Thieves [laughs], your coordination has been ramping up over the weeks do you think the team has improved from the start of the split?

100T FBI: Yeah definitely I think especially the last split coming into this split we had taken a few steps back as a team and I think we definitely ramped up over the course of the summer. We are not quite there yet, I don't want to be having that type of game against Team Liquid hopefully by the time we get to playoffs we will be a more dominant force.

Pira: How do you make the most of the time off since you got the bye?

100T FBI: A lot of that comes down to preparation I think since we are now heading into best-of-fives you are focussing on one specific team you have in mind so a lot of it will come down to analysing how they play compared to the series before and preparing our playstyle off of that.

Pira: For the playoffs, obviously you will have this first week to scout things out, is there any team you would like to play against?

100T FBI: Not in particular, I think EG are the team to beat, besides that, Team Liquid has been obviously looking strong too but we just took them out today with a pretty poor early game from us.

Pira: For Evil Geniuses, obviously they were the guys that denied you going to MSI, does the 3-0 loss still loom in your mind?

100T FBI: It definitely still looms in my mind a bit having that [MSI] taken away in such an embarrassing series, we really want to get that back as a team. Hopefully, we can face EG in the finals and have that revenge.

Pira: Are you looking forward to doing anything in Chicago should you make it there?

100T FBI: I honestly have no idea about geography in America or anywhere in the world to be honest [laughs]. I am not really sure what there is in Chicago but when I am there I will definitely try to see some of the local cuisines.

"I was a big fan of Doublelift so it was pretty cool getting to come to the LCS and play against my idol"

100T FBI on playing against his idol in Doublelift

Pira: You are now in your fourth year here in North America, you have seen a lot of players coming from your home region, you have seen a lot of players come and go across the board, what has been your biggest takeaway from your time in NA?

100T FBI: I think my biggest takeaway is how fun it is honestly? When I was younger I was always watching LCS, I was a big fan of Doublelift so it was pretty cool getting to come to the LCS and play against my idol. The LCS is just really cool compared to OCE, I think the infrastructure and everything are just so much better.

This interview was conducted following 100T's final regular season match against Team Liquid.

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