100T Closer on LCS jungle role: “I do think in jungle role NA is one of the best in the world and hopefully Inspired will show it [at MSI] “ cover image

100T Closer on LCS jungle role: “I do think in jungle role NA is one of the best in the world and hopefully Inspired will show it [at MSI] “

100 Thieves were not able to build upon their summer split triumph after a swift 3-0 by Evil Geniuses.

100 Thieves were dealt a huge blow last night as the 2021 Summer Split champions were unable to retain their title as the best team in North America. That mantle firmly rests on the shoulders of Evil Geniuses, who took down 100T 3-0 last night to claim their first LCS title. Following their loss to EG, 100T spoke to the media in a post-series press conference.

Q: What was the game plan coming into the series versus EG and what went wrong?

Reapered: The game plan was basically to fight a lot around the map. We had a couple of good early games but the fights were not going well for us. And since we picked a lot of skirmishing champions, when you are losing the fights you get rolled over because of the champions.

Q: FBI and Huhi, how did you guys prepare for the bot lane matchup against Danny and Vulcan?

FBI: Coming into the game we thought they were an aggressive bot lane so we were looking to scrap it out. But at the end of the day, Danny really outperformed me in the team fights and ultimately that is why we lost.

Huhi: Pretty similar to FBI's, I think they always kind of fight aggressively in the early levels, and we were ready but I think in the end what mattered was how we executed team fights. I think as a team, they just played better. And as a bot lane, they played better too.

Q: Again for Huhi and FBI, what was the thought process for the bot lane in the draft with picks such as Renata Glasc and Aphelios?

Huhi: We kind of knew that they were gonna pick Jinx lane with TK and we thought that Aphelios and Renata will win lane or be even at the least and have a stronger late game as well. I think we were doing well until we made a few mistakes and Jinx got a little too ahead of us. I think from there, we were just having a hard time.

Q: Reapered, do you think EG being in the losers bracket gave them an advantage of playing a best-of-five before the grand finals?

Reapered: Not really, to be honest, they played more games which meant we had more games to study Evil Geniuses. It may have been an advantage to them but also it was an advantage to us.

Q: Ssumday, given your steep history with Impact, how did you prepare for this matchup?

Ssumday: In terms of preparation, mine and Impacts champion pools are pretty similar. Impact has a lot of experience and I have a lot of respect for Veteran players. I didn't think he was going to do anything special, he just performed better than me on the day.

Q: For Ssumday, we saw Ornn rise to power in the playoffs and teams playing different strategies into it. EG picked Morde in game two, were you guys prepared for that counterpick?

Ssumday: I wasn't really scared of the Mordekaiser pick but I didn't expect them to play it. I have played the champion many years ago, so I knew the matchup and wasn't scared to play it.

Q: For Closer, how would you compare the jungle role in North America compared to the rest of the world?

Closer: I think the jungle role is pretty stagnant in NA, I want to see how well NA will do at MSI. I think NA should do very well. I wish we could play and show how good we are. But I am still excited about how we [NA] matchup against other regions. I do think NA [LCS] in jungle role is one of the best in the world and hopefully Inspired will show it.

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