FlyQuest stomps 100 Thieves 3-0, awaits winner of Cloud9 vs CLG.

It is day one of the LCS Spring 2023 playoffs with 100 Thieves vs FlyQuest. In what could be a preview of the spring final, fans are in for a treat as North America's best teams take to the rift. This is a big test for FlyQuest - who despite finishing the regular season 14-4, they are going up against Doublelift, who has only lost one LCS best-of-five since 2016.

FlyQuests superstar ADC Prince will also be out for blood in this one, the Korean powerhouse was snubbed of the first team all-pro award. This will not be easy for 100 Thieves, who lost both regular-season games against their upcoming opponents. Another storyline to look out for surrounds 100T's rookie players in Tenacity and Busio - how will the pair fare in their first playoff games?

100 Thieves vs FlyQuest results: FLY 3-0 100T

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Game One
Game Two
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In what was meant to be a close best-of-five, FlyQuest put those predictions to bed with an impressive 3-0 victory over 100 Thieves. While game two should have tied the series, outside of that, 100T has had no answer to FlyQuest in the teamfights. To 100T's credit, they attempted to branch out in the early game and force the tempo in their favor, FlyQuest were just too powerful.

This was a redeeming series from VicLa, the Korean mid laner made up for his poor form in the latter stages of the regular season with some clean Veigar gameplay. Spica and Impact were also vital to their victory in game two, with important picks onto Doublelift who was the sole win condition as the fed Jinx.

FlyQuest now awaits the winner of Cloud9 vs CLG for a spot in the grand-finals.

How to watch 100 Thieves vs FlyQuest

Fans will be able to tune into the action on the official LCS Twitch channel. We have embedded the stream onto this page so you do not have to leave this article.

100T vs FLY match highlights

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