Moments after announcing the departure of Zikz, 100 Thieves announced they have appointed former Cloud9 coach Reapered as their new head coach heading into the Summer Split.

100 Thieves have made some changes ahead of the 2021 LCS Summer Split. The LCS organisation yesterday announced not only the departure of Zikz as their current head coach but the appointment of Reapered as their new head coach. Reapered has been a coach in the LCS since the summer split of 2016 when he joined Cloud9. Despite only one title to his name Reapered is highly esteemed in LCS history, making multiple finals and leading C9 to a historic semi-final placing at Worlds in 2018.

Zikz has been a part of the organisation for three splits, joining from TSM and before that CLG where he spent the better part of four years. Zikz came under scrutiny this split following the benching of Damonte for Ryoma. While Ryoma filled his role well it was not enough for 100 Thieves to go further in the playoffs. 100 Thieves lost in the lower bracket semi-final to TSM in a 3-1 best-of-five.

A reunion with Nisqy is on the cards for Reapered

Earlier this week, it was reported that Nisqy was in talks with 100 Thieves to join them for the Summer Split. Nisqy suffered a turbulent split with Fnatic, dropping out early in the playoffs.

The acquisition of Reapered only adds fuel to this fire with the duo spending two years together on Cloud9. Nisqy joined C9 in 2019 and in his time won one LCS Championship in spring 2020. Nisqy was a crucial part of this championship-winning roster, often sacrificing resources mid lane to help superstar jungler Blaber take over the game.

If Nisqy is to join 100 Thieves, he would be playing alongside long time friend Closer. Closer has been having a rough time this split and is in need of a boost if he is to return to MVP level form. Throughout his time on Cloud9, Nisqy was able to play around his junglers extremely well, with both Blaber and Svenskeren picking up MVP titles.

Esportsgg's thoughts

I think this could be a solid move for 100 Thieves even if they are not able to land Nisqy. Reapered knows how to get the best out of players as evident throughout his time on C9. He has the ability to put players on a pedestal and elevate them to a level they have not seen. If they are to land Nisqy, that puts them in a great spot to make top three. 100T lacked direction once they subbed out Damonte. Nisqy is great at playing around his jungler and with a pre-existing friendship with Closer, this could be a great split for 100T. I don't expect them to compete for top two but there is no reason why they couldn't qualify for the World Championship.

Esportsgg's Marn on 100 Thieves picking up Reapered

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