New HSR 5-star Robin abilities, Path, Light Cone and more cover image

New HSR 5-star Robin abilities, Path, Light Cone and more

This singer will demand some very fine instruments.

After months of leaks and rumors about her abilities, Light Cone and Path, Robin is finally confirmed as a 5-star unit coming in Honkai: Star Rail update 2.2. The Physical Harmony support will fill a gap for many teams, though most fans are eyeing Robin for her stylish attire. 

With Hoyoverse finally pulling back the curtain on the character, here’s everything we know about Robin, from her abilities to Path to Light Cone.

5-star Robin abilities explained

Robin will be a 5-star Physical Harmony support with a complete ability package. Leaks claims that she has heals, offensive buffs, and a passive speed boost all built into her kit. Reputed insider Dimbreath reports that she will have the following abilities.

Increases all allies’ ATK% for a certain number of turns
Increases all allies’ DMG and advances their action forward. Enters a 'disabled' state with a countdown, preventing enemies from attacking. Can have additional effects with more Eidolons unlocked
Teammates get a CRIT DMG and SPD increase based on Robin’s stats. Additionally, Robin heals herself when her HP reaches a certain point.

Robin’s ultimate is dependent on a new Eidolon mechanic. It’s not clear how Robin will generate Eidolons, but as they appear, her ultimate will become much stronger. The base effect of advancing actions while buffing damage already seems pretty strong, but its effectiveness will all come down to the numbers.

Robin’s talent is also one of her more interesting abilities. Speed buffs aren’t as common as other types of support abilities, and a passive one could be particularly powerful. Since it's based on Robin’s stats, the character could become a major resource sink. If you’re willing to grind out the right relics, Robin could become an extremely powerful and versatile support.

Robin Path, Light Cone, and release date

Robin will be a Harmony Physical support, putting her in the same category as Hanya. She will be the first 5-star with that combination of Path and Light Cone. Based on her leaked abilities, Robin’s best Light Cone will probably be But the Battle Isn't Over. However, she will likely get a Light Cone Warp banner when she releases, giving her an alternative best-in-slot weapon. 

The release date for Robin is unconfirmed, but she will most likely debut on the first banner for Honkai: Star Rail 2.2. All information about her abilities is subject to change, and Robin’s release date could be shifted sometime during 2.1.

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