The Honkai Star Rail All Star Inivte event lasts till May 5, 2023. But you can only generate your seat number till May 3, 2023. So hurry.

In some ways, Honkai: Star Rail is already more successful than Genshin Impact. With over 20 million downloads, Honkai: Star Rail has definitely caught the attention of gamers the world over. All Aboard the Astral Express as we gape at the beautiful graphics, the soothing music, and the engaging storyline. Besides the main storyline, MiHoYo also has a series of events planned around the game’s launch. One such event is the Honkai: Star Rails event which kicked off on April 26. Here’s how to get the Honkai: Star Rails invite. 

The Honkai: Star Rail All Stars Invite is an event to celeb launch of the turn-based RPG game. The event kickstarted with the game’s release on April 26. Players can complete missions to earn Warps. And what do Warps do? Consuming Warps help players to win game item rewards in advance. 


Important Dates

  • Event Duration: March 24, 2023 - June 6, 2023 (23:59:59) (UTC+8)
  • Warp Active Till May 24, 2023, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)
  • Inventory Redemption Available till June 6, 2023 (23:59:59) (UTC+8)
  • DIY Ticket: May 24, 2023
  • Seat Number Generation: May 3, 2023
  • Seat Number Lucky Draw: May 5, 2023

Honkai: Star Rail All-Stars Event Rules

These are the event rules for the Honkai Star Rail All Star Invite event. You can only earn one DIY ticket, so make sure to read the rules and check the rewards carefully. 

  • Players can earn warps through missions. Daily missions are refreshed every day at 00:00 but earned Warps are retained. 
  • One game item is awarded with each Warp
  • Every ten Warps guarantees a random 4-star Relic
  • 20 Warps will give you the 4-star Light Cone “make the World Clamor”
  • Trailblazers can receive two items from storage and add them to inventory before the inventory deadline. After confirmation, the selected items will be unlocked in the “The Blue “ - “ A moment of Peace” Trailblaze missions and will be distributed via in-game mail. 

How to Invite Friends to Complete Honkai: Star Rail All Stars?

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You can also invite friends to complete Honkai: Star Rail Invite Missions. For every friend that joins using your unique invitation link, you will get two Warps. You can earn a maximum of six warps using friend invite links. If you are registering for the first time, you can use our Invite Link as well.

Honkai: Star Rail All Star Invite Missions

  • One-Time
    • Complete the DIY ticket and get your exclusive seat number to obtain 2 Warps
  • Daily
    • Log into your account to obtain 2 Warps
    • Share the event to obtain 1 Warp
    • Join the official Discord server to obtain 1 Warp
    • Follow the official Twitter page to obtain 1 Warp
  • Long-Term
    • Successfully invite 1 friend to pre-register for the game to obtain 2 Warps
    • Successfully invite 2 friends to pre-register for the game to obtain 2 Warps
    • Successfully invite 3 friends to pre-register for the game to obtain 2 Warps

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What are the Warp Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail?

  • 4-Star Light Cone "Make the World Clamor" ×1
  • 4-Star Relic "Thief's Myriad-Faced Mask" ×1
  • 4-Star Relic "Thief's Gloves With Prints" ×1
  • 4-Star Relic "Musketeer's Wild Wheat Felt Hat" ×1
  • 4-Star Relic "Musketeer's Coarse Leather Gloves" ×1
  • 3-Star Relic "Thief's Myriad-Faced Mask" ×1
  • 3-Star Relic "Thief's Gloves With Prints" ×1
  • 3-Star Relic "Musketeer's Wild Wheat Felt Hat" ×1
  • 3-Star Relic "Musketeer's Coarse Leather Gloves" ×1
  • 3-Star Light Cone "Arrows" ×1
  • 3-Star Light Cone "Cornucopia" ×1
  • 3-Star Light Cone "Collapsing Sky" ×1
  • 3-Star Light Cone "Amber" ×1
  • 3-Star Light Cone "Void" ×1
  • 3-Star Light Cone "Chorus" ×1
  • 3-Star Light Cone "Data Bank" ×1
  • Character EXP "Travel Encounters" ×1
  • Light Cone EXP "Sparse Aether" ×1

Where can I find my reward items?

Reward items are stored in the in-game storage. You can find them by going to Home - Inventory and then Storage. 

Honkai DIY Ticket Rewards

Here are the Honkai Star Rail DIY Ticket Rewards: 

  1. First Prize (Five in total): iPhone 14 Pro 256G, Apple Watch Series 8 GPS Smartwatch
  2. Second Prize (Ten in Total): PlayStation 5 Base Edition
  3. Third Prize (100 in total): Honkai Star Rail Character Bundle (Random Character)

How will I get my DIY Ticket Rewards?

If you are one of the winners, you will need to go to the HoYoLAB website and fill in your delivery information. You can do so under the Manager Addresses on the Information Page. You need to do this before May 19, 12:00 (UTC+8). If you fail to do this before the deadline, you will not receive the prizes.

The winner has to pay the taxes for the prizes. If the prizes, for whatsoever reason cannot be shipped, the organizer will replace it with another prize of an equivalent value.

The Physical prizes (first place and second place) will be issued within three months from May 19, 2023. This means you should receive your item on or around August 19, 2023. There might be slight delays due to shipping, however, it usually does not longer than a month to reach any country in the world. 

Stay tuned to for the latest Honkai: Star Rails news and updates.