Honkai: Star Rail hosts a giveaway following the announcement of their newest update.

Are you a fan of Honkai: Star Rail? The popular RPG has gained a lot of attention since its release back in 2023. Now, the official game is doing a large giveaway for fans hoping to grab some merchandise and badges.

Here are all the details of Honkai: Star Rail's official online giveaway.

Honkai: Star Rail posts official giveaway on Twitter

The popular RPG's Twitter account posted on Twitter earlier on August 18, 2023, letting fans know about their new giveaway alongside the game's new update, set to release in the near future.

Giveaway Prizes:

Giveaway Rules:

  • Follow the official Honkai: Star Rail Twitter.
  • Quote their Twitter post with a comment and leave your HoYoverse Account ID.

Follow all of these rules on the Tweet above and you could have a chance to win. The game even posted a pretty high-quality trailer to help advertise the giveaway.

The giveaway ends on August 22, and there currently isn't a number to how many people will win, so get your entry in now.

What are Honkai: Star Rail 'Character Stands' and 'Badges'

Character Stands are little acrylic figures that resemble random characters. Honkai: Star Rail Character Stands are represented by various different characters from the game.

Honkai: Star Rail Character Stands (Image via Honkai: Star Rail)
Honkai: Star Rail Character Stands (Image via Honkai: Star Rail)

The Character Stands can be used as decorations and more. Whichever ones will be sent out is unknown, but will probably be equal amongst all of them.

Badges are also somewhat of a similar concept. These are also physical items that will be sent out to people who win the giveaway. The badges are pretty much just little circular pins that have a character from the game's face on them.

Genshin Impact Badge (Image via Genshin)
Genshin Impact Badge (Image via Genshin)

Good luck, and we at esports.gg hope you win!

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