Daily missions are one of the fastest way of earning Trailblaze EXP in the game.

Daily missions are one of the best ways to get Trailblaze EXP in Honkai: Star Rail. But players do not have access to Daily missions right from the get-go. Here’s how to unlock Daily missions in Honkai Star: Rail.

Honkai Star Rail features daily missions and activities. Players have to log in daily and complete these missions to receive their rewards. The rewards include Stellar Jade (a form of in-game currency), several achievements as well as storylines. 

How to unlock Honkai: Star Rail Daily missions?

Players can unlock Honkai Star Rail Daily missions by reaching Trailblaze level 11. Reaching Trailblaze level 11 is not really difficult but it does require a few hours of gameplay. However, there is no hard barrier for Daily missions to unlock. The Daily missions unlock after you have played a substantial portion of the game.

So if you don’t unlock daily missions after reaching Level 11, fret not. The feature will unlock after completing the Boulder Town area quests on the Jarilo-VI planet. 

So for now, just focus on enjoying the game and completing a few side quests along the way. Once you have completed a substantial portion of the game, you will get access to the Daily quests which should help you level up your character.

Here are the in-game Daily Mission Rewards

There are numerous rewards for completing the Daily missions, some of which might not be required until much later in the game.

The Daily missions give Trailblaze EXP and are one of the best sources for the same. Trailblaze EXP decides how much you can level up and face tougher opponents and move forward in the game.

Additionally, there are also Gold Fragments, Stellar Jade, and Credits that unlock with the daily missions. You can also get access to hidden storylines and character interactions with these daily missions.

As the name suggests, Daily missions refresh every day and are an excellent opportunity for players to get Trailblaze EXP and other rewards. 

The game launched on April 26 and has been a hit so far. With over ten million pre-registrations and availability on PC and mobile, Honkai: Star Rail has received a lot of positive feedback. While there have been a few errors, for the majority of the players the launch has been a smooth experience.

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