Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 release date is coming up with three new characters confirmed by MiHoYo; Luocha, Silver Wolf and Yukong.

When is the Honkai Star Rail 1.1 release date?

Honkai: Star Rail 1.1's tentative release date is June 7, although MiHoYo has not officially confirmed it. HoYoverse has however, confirmed a Honkai Star Rail 1.1 livestream entitled "Galactic Roaming" on Friday, May 27 at 19:30 (UTC+8) which will contain "the latest information and benefits" in version 1.1.

How to watch the Galactic Roaming 1.1 livestream?

The Galactic Roaming livestream for Honkai Star Rail 1.1 will be broadcast on both Twitch and YouTube. Initially scheduled for May 26, it will now happen on May 27.

  • NA East Coast: Saturday May 27, 7:30am (EST)
  • NA West Coast: Saturday May 27, 4:30am (PST)
  • Wesern Europe: Saturday May 27, 1:30pm (CET)
  • Indonesia: Saturday May 27, 7:30pm (UTC+8)

Watch on YouTube
Watch on Twitch

The Galactic Roaming stream was initially schedule for May 26th but has been pushed to May 27 due to "technical issues". As an apology the crew of the Astral Express will be preparing 100 Stellar Jade for players who watch the livestream and take note of the redemption code.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 Upcoming characters

MiHoYo has confirmed via Weibo that Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 will include three new characters:

  • Luocha (5-star)
  • Silver Wolf (5-star)
  • Yukong (4-star)

What's new in Honkai: Star Rail 1.1?

Three new characters (Luocha, Silver Wolf and Yukong) are certain to arrive in version 1.1, but MiHoYo has not shared whether a new area will be added to the game. At present in Honkai: Star Rail version 1.0 there are only three locations; Herta Space Station, Jarilo-VI and Xianzhou Luofu. To complete all of these areas you will require a Trailblaze Level of 34 or higher.

Silver Wolf (5-star)

  • Element: Quantum
  • Path: The Nihility

Silver Wolf is an upcoming 5-star character coming in Honkai Star Rail 1.1. If Silver Wolf looks oddly familiar, that's because she briefly appeared at the start of the game as the tech-whiz sidekick of Kafka. Silver Wolf is a Quantum Element character, a hacker and a Stellaron hunter.

image 1image 2image 3Silver Wolf's ultimate sees her treat reality like a simulation to strike serious damage
Silver Wolf is playable briefly at the start of Honkai: Star Rail as part of the first mission (Image: Esports.gg)
Silver Wolf is playable briefly at the start of Honkai: Star Rail as part of the first mission (Image: Esports.gg)

Luocha (5-star)

  • Element: Imaginary
  • Path: The Harmony

Luocha is an upcoming Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 character confirmed by MiHoYo. He will be a 5-star Imaginary element character that follows The Abundance Path. Luocha is a foreign trader who appears on the Xianzhou Luofu, one of the six flagships of the Xianzhou Alliance.

Yukong (4-star)

  • Element: Imaginary
  • Path: The Harmony

Yukong is an upcoming playable character in version 1.1. She is an Imaginary element character who plays the role of Helm Master in the Xianzhou Alliance. Yukong makes an appearance in Chapter 3: Xianzhou Luofu, the third location player's visit in version 1.0.

Yukong is one of the Xianzhou Luofu's six charioteers alongside Tingyun, who is an unlockable character in version 1.0. Both characters are Foxians, a fox-like race in Honkai: Star Rail.

image 1image 2image 3image 4

We'll keep you posted on any updates around the Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 release date.

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