When is the Hearthstone expansion reveal stream in your local time? cover image

When is the Hearthstone expansion reveal stream in your local time?

Hearthstone will announce the next expansion in a special reveal stream but when exactly? Check out when with our time zone converter!

Hearthstone has been teasing the next expansion for a while, and the reveal stream is just hours away. We are all anxious to see if Death Knights will return for this Hallow's End event or in the next set. Don't be tricked by time zones, daylight-saving and PDT time. Check out the countdown until the next Hearthstone reveal stream.

Hearthstone expansion reveal stream time

Last week Blizzard announced that the next Hearthstone expansion reveal stream would happen on November 1st on Twitch at 10 am PDT. But when exactly is 10 am Pacific Time for all of us that we live on the US west coast? For you to have a clear notion of when the next Hearthstone expansion stream will happen, no matter where you are, we have prepared this countdown.


Moreover, you can also use the following link to check when the Hearthstone expansion reveal stream will start in your local time.

What to expect?

The whole community is expecting this upcoming Hearthstone expansion stream will announce the return of Death Knights. There are no confirmations regarding that. However, it seems that there are clues everywhere.

"There's a slight chill in the air and updates are on their way" reads the tweet announcing the next Hearthstone expansion reveal stream. Is that a Death Knight reference? You know what they say: people looking for signals will find them, regardless of their actual existence.

At the same time, the reveal stream seems to be a 30-minute event. That is a massive tell that something else is coming on top of the expansion.

What we do know is some of the upcoming features. Hearthstone already gave us some hints of what will be coming with the 24.6 before the expansion announcement. The highlights of the next patch preview include:

  • Hearthstone Drops
  • New Hearthstone Loaner Decks
  • Battle Bash cosmetics for Battlegrounds
  • Fix to Mercenaries excess coins
  • Hallow's End event

If you want to read the details on the mentioned topics to be prepared for the next Hearthstone expansion reveal stream, feel free to check out our dedicated article.

[esports_link url=https://esports.gg/news/hearthstone/hearthstone-24-6-patch-preview-drops-expansion-announcement-loaner-decks/]

Don't forget to connect your accounts to receive the free pack during the stream.

Furthermore, Hearthstone teased a "Secret Cosplay Contest" for November 2nd. There are no details on that and I expect that we should be getting some info tomorrow. An educated guess would be that it might have to do with the postponed Hallow's End event. What do you think?

As always stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Hearthstone news and updates, see you on the reveal stream.