The Wailing Caverns mini-set contains 66 new cards including 4 legendary, one epic, 14 rares and 16 common cards. Here’s all we know about the new mini-set that is a part of the Forged in the Barrens expansion.

Blizzard has announced the ‘Wailing Caverns’ mini-set for the Forged in the Barrens expansion. The new mini-set brings several new cards and is available for purchase at $14.99 or 2000 in-game gold.

Mini-sets have become a part of Hearthstone release schedule. Mini-sets keep the same overall theme of the expansions but provide an opportunity for the developers to bring some balance to the game. The Wailing Caverns mini set will launch on June 3. However, Blizzard will start revealing the cards starting today.

What's new in the Wailing Caverns set?

The new card set comprises 66 cards that will include four Legendary cards, one Epic (x2), 14 Rares (x2), and 16 common cards. The new card set will contain 35 new collectible cards that are available in the Forged in the Barrens card packs. 

Gather your party and your wits, for you’ll need both if you plan to survive the most infamous dungeon in the Barrens: the Wailing Caverns! Join forces with a team of Adventurers to fight through deadly beasts and awaken Archdruid Naralex from his slumber. But beware, this is no simple wake-up call!

New minions featuring Spell Schools are a new addition to the card packs. Blizzard will start revealing the cards starting today. Players can also summon 2/2 tokens with bonus effects like Poisonous, Taunt, Divine Shield, etc. at any time.

How much does the Wailing Caverns mini-set cost?

The new set will cost Hearthstone players $14.99 or they can also use their in-game gold to purchase the mini-set. The Wailing Caverns mini-set costs 2000 in-game gold and will be available starting June 3. 

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