Masters Tour Undercity is in full swing – we review it’s meta by looking at the top performing players & their lineups.

With just 2 Swiss rounds remaining, Masters Tour Undercity is heating up as big names such as Grandmasters Glory Lnguagehackr, GivePLZ, Masters Tour Stormwind winner Furtyhunter, RNGLeaoh & others, clash in pursuit of a top 16 spot – what can we learn from them about Hearthstone’s competitive meta?

Questlines & OTKs

With the exception of Face Hunter & Weapon Rogue (who just barely scratch the 50% win-rate mark) the top-performing decks all win by completing their Questlines, OTKing their opponents, or both.

Introduced in the United in Stormwind main set, these decks continue to complete their objectives at record speeds while controlling the board efficiently - despite being the targets of many nerfs.

Masters Tour Undercity’s stats prove that these archetypes have pushed out the control & midrange archetypes out of the meta, leaving a narrow gap only for those hyper-aggressive decks who can tunnel face at rivaling paces.

Garrote Rogue

Although Garrote was recently nerfed in a big way, the OTK archetype’s efficient draw engine has remained just as steady & supports an incredible 61% win rate at Masters Tour Undercity so far.

RNGLeaho’s Garrote Rogue AAECAYO6AgKfzQPF+QMO3r4D4L4DqssDx84DpNED590D890DqOsDq+sD/u4DjvQDvYAE9p8E958EAA==

2960 Dust
2960 Dust

Quest-OTK Demon Hunter

Deceptively low at “just” 51% win-rate the deck is also the most banned in the tournament, proving just how impossible it is to counter.

Glory’s Quest-OTK Demon Hunter: AAECAea5AwTQ3QP39gOL9wPQ+QMN6b4D1tED3dMD+dUDx90D2d4D8+MDlegD/e0DivcDxfkDtKAE7KAEAA==

5300 Dust
5300 Dust

Quest Warlock

Sitting near the top of the banned decks, this archetype, nerfed more times than any other in the United in Stormwind meta, is still somehow rocking a 61% win-rate at Masters Tour Undercity so far.

IrvinG’s Quest Warlock: AAECAa35Awa2uQPr7QPy7QPQ+QOE+wOxnwQMtbkD6b4Dm80D184D+84DkuQDk+QD1+0D8O0DvfEDg/sD56AEAA==

5760 Dust
5760 Dust

Quest Warrior

After being strengthened in the recent Deadmines mini-set, the deck’s sustained pressure, defensive capabilities & high burst potential have cemented it as a stable powerhouse. At 51% win-rate in Masters Tour Undercity so far, it is also the 2nd most banned in the tournament.

Lnguagehackr’s Quest Warrior: AAECAQcEk9ADju8DmPYDv4AEDbXeA/7nA4/tA9XxA8b1A5X2A5b2A5f2A8/7A5yBBKaKBK2gBK+gBAA=

7300 Dust
7300 Dust

Mozaki Mage

Mozaki Mage – A blast from the past, Mozaki mage has risen up to be the premium mage deck.
Thanks to Multicaster, introduced in the Deadmines mini-set, the deck currently boasts an impressive 52% win rate in Masters Tour Undercity.

Furyhunter’s Mozaki Mage: AAECAaXDAwKSywPU6gMOwbgDx84Dzc4D99EDheQD0OwD0ewDp/cDrvcDsvcD9PwDqIEE/J4E6J8EAA==

3860 Dust
3860 Dust

Fel Demon Hunter

Another deck that has risen & fallen, it has forgone the questline to become the most successful deck in Masters Tour Undercity! 65% win rate for a great anti-aggro deck that packs an intimidating OTK punch.

ZloyGruzin’s Fel Demon Hunter:

7360 Dust
7360 Dust

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