The Alliance won the Battle of Alterac Valley. To conmmemorate this, players get a Diamond Legendary Card, but there is more loot out there.

Hearthstone declared The Alliance as the winner of the Battle of Alterac Valley. To commemorate this epic victory, all players will receive a Diamond version of the Vanndar Stormpike, the Alliance leader. The battle may be over, but there is still more loot to get as the Honor Reward Track will be active until the next expansion. Check what else you can get in this article.

Battle for Alterac Valley

With Alterac Valley’s expansion announcement, Hearthstone launched a special Honor Battle. This time, players chose a faction to fight for in Alteracl Valley’s epic Battle. Just for participating, everyone got a golden copy of their faction’s leader.

Choose a side
Choose a side

Moreover, each player accumulated Honor for their faction by playing and winning Hearthstone games after Alterac Valley’s expansion. There aren’t many stats yet about how the battle unravels. However, we do know that Honor points go over billions according to this Battle for Alterac Valley update. How could the most fierce warriors of Azeroth not rally after this incredible trailer?

After 7 intense weeks, the Battle of Alterac Valley has one sole winner. Now, the Alliance will enjoy this victory forever eternalized with a Diamond version of Vanndar Stormpike. On one hand, the Horde might have fallen this time. However, they won't go home with their hands empty, since everyone gets a Diamond Vanndar regardless of which side you fought for.

Vanndar Stormpike, the winner of the Battle of Alterac Valley - Image by Hearthstone Top Decks
Vanndar Stormpike, the winner of the Battle of Alterac Valley - Image by Hearthstone Top Decks

More loot & free cards

The main battle might be over, but you can still get rewards by collecting Honor. The Honor track will grant you collectible golden versions of many Horde and Alliance cards. As you get Honor, you climb the ranks within your faction. Furthermore, you will progress towards getting the opposing faction leader Legendary card. Check the full Honor Reward track for Alterac Valley’s Battle in this official blog post.

Alterac Valley Honor <a href="">Reward Track</a>
Alterac Valley Honor Reward Track

The dust hasn’t yet settled after the battle, and I’m already sensing new exciting adventures to come. Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time, in the Valley, and remember, NEVER FALL BACK!