The Return to Naxxramas Hearthstone miniset is coming, but when exactly? Check out when with our countdown and time zone converter!

Every Hearthstone player wants to be there to witness the Return of Naxxramas miniset go live, its our Valentine's date. While we are still discovering the cards the miniset will bring, we are already asking when will Hearthstone launch the Naxxramas miniset. That's why we made a countdown, so you do not have to worry about time zones and conversions.

Return to Naxxramas Hearthstone miniset release time

Regular Hearthstone updates, such as Expansions or Minisets go live at 10 a.m. PDT, but unless you live in California, this isn't a clear indicator. For you to have a clear notion of when the Return to Naxxramas Hearthstone miniset will go live, no matter where you live, we have prepared this countdown.


Furthermore, if you want to set an alarm, you can also use this link to check when the new Hearthstone miniset will launch in your local time.

While we all wait for the Return of Naxxramas launch, remember that our Hearthstone section has more articles covering the upcoming miniset. Don't miss any of them:

The incoming 25.4 Hearthstone Patch notes

On top of the Return to Naxxramas Miniset, there is more Hearthstone content going live on Tuesday with the 25.4 patch. While we are still waiting for the patch notes, we already know some of the events happening with Naxxramas Miniset's arrival.

To begin with, this upcoming patch will not bring balance chances. The dev team has been clear that they try not to deliver new content and balance updates in the same patch. However, this patch will shake Hearthstone's meta in more than one game mode.

Hearthstone Arena Rotation - get a free ticket with the Miniset launch

Arena will see its seasonal rotation. This means that the sets available will change, bringing back some old expansions and including the Return to Naxxramas Hearthstone miniset as well.

We will update the list whenever we get confirmation. Remember that you can get a free Arena ticket with this rotation. When the Return to Naxxramas miniset launches, Hearthstone will retire all ongoing arena runs. As compensation, players will get the rewards corresponding to the wins they had before retiring, plus a free ticket to play a new run.

Get those free Arena tickets
Get those free Arena tickets

If you want some free goodies, start an arena run, get some wins, and leave it when you get the second loss. Zero-risk investment.

Battlegrounds & Mercenaries

BG players are still figuring out the new Undead metagame from the past big content update. While this 25.4 patch won't be as impactful, Hearthstone will likely introduce a new Hero related to the Return to Naxxramas miniset.

Covering not so hyping news, Hearthstone Mercenaries will see its final content update with this miniset launch. Blizzard announced this week that with the introduction of the Mythic Boss Rush content, the mode will only receive support updates. You can read everything about it in our article covering the Mercenaries' sunset.

That's all for now, but bookmark this post since we will be updating it with the latest information daily. Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in Naxxramas!

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