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Is Hearthstone down? How to check the game’s servers status

Wonder if Hearthstone is down or if servers are fine but the issue is on your end? Here we show you how to check the game’s status.

Hearthstone usually enjoys good health, that's why when the servers go down it tends to be something that catches players' attention. The game might be inaccessible for a couple of different reasons, and today we will tell you how to identify them.

Server overload ingame message
Server overload ingame message

Most common server problems

If you ever find yourself unable to log in to Hearthstone, the first thing you need to identify is why the game is down. The most frequent causes for Hearthstone being down are the following:

  1. DDoS attacks
  2. Server maintenance
  3. Server overload

The reason why it is necessary to identify the root of the problem is that it'll help you estimate how much time you might need for the game servers to recover. Also, confirming that something is off on Blizzard's side means that you are all good and don't need to troubleshoot it yourself.

While the symptoms for the three causes might be similar, you can check the following resources to find out what's happening.

How to check if Hearthstone is down?

The first thing you need to do is check with customer support. Hearthstone has different servers, so be mindful when browsing their Twitter accounts that nothing might be reported in the Americas, but the issue could be related to the European servers. delayed log-in message delayed log-in message

If you are trying to enter Hearthstone on expansion day, don't worry if you have wait times, this doesn't mean the game is down. Servers have limited capacity, and expansion days stress them out to the point that could delay players entering the game.

To make sure that Hearthstone is down and it's not an issue on your end, you can use third-party websites that check the server status. DownDetector or GameBezz are two pages you can visit to see if other users have reported problems with the game.

Last but not least, there's the maintenance-related outages. Hearthstone and occasionally go down for server maintenance. Blizzard usually informs these on the launcher several days in advance.

If you couldn't find reports of Hearthstone being down for the above-mentioned reasons, make sure to contact customer support so they can help you. It's most likely something on your end in that case.

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