Hearthstone will host the Battlegrounds Brawl: Battle of the Boars taking place May 12.

Hearthstone will host the Battlegrounds Brawl: Battle of the Boars taking place May 12. 16 competitors will then compete for their share of $100,000.

Battle of the Boars Event Format

Each round will feature two games that run at the same time, pitting two teams against each other. That being said, the games will be set in a 2v2 format where the players will be ranked separately. In total, there will be seven game rounds at the tournament. Based on their placement in these two vs two matches, the players will be rewarded through points. While points are awarded individually, the totals will go for their team.

Whichever team can earn the most points at the end of seven rounds will be the winning team.

Below are the points players will receive for a specific placement.

  • First Place Finish: 5 Points
  • Second Place Finish: 4 Points
  • Third Place Finish: 2 Points
  • Fourth Place Finish: 1 Point

Four Teams Competing in Battle of the Boars

The 16 competitors will be divided into teams of 4 people each. The following list of the 16 competitors and teams that will be competing at the Battle of the Boars.


  • Sjow
  • Collins
  • Sunglitters
  • Slysssa


  • Nicholena
  • Kripparrian
  • Siimiizz
  • lunaloveee


  • Dog
  • Portia
  • Ninaisnoob
  • sway_bae


  • HapaBear
  • CeeCee_Lia
  • SunBaconRelaxer
  • Rdu

These sixteen players will be competing together for the championship at the Battle of the Boars. Whichever team is able to accumulate the most points by the end of the seven rounds will be declared the winner. So, even if one player may collect the most points, the team’s performance will decide if they are the ultimate victors. Casters and hosts for this event will be Frodan and Jia.

Battle Drops On Twitch

Viewers will be incentivized to watch the games on May 12. Those that tune into the stream will be able to receive Twitch Drops during the event. Here, viewers will be able to receive Forged in the Barrens Card Packs.

Viewers will recieve two free packs for tuning into any stream for four hours.

Furthermore, viewers will receive one card pack if they watch two hours of any stream during the event. If a viewer is able to tune in for four hours, they will receive another free card pack. However, you will need to connect your Battle.net and Twitch accounts to receive the tournament goodies.

To do this, Hearthstone Enthusiasts will need to click the “Settings” menu on Twitch and then click the “Connection” Tab.

Opportunity for Battle-Ready Decks

The Hearthstone Battlegrounds Brawl: Battle of the Boars event will take place on May 12. For those that have interest in the event, they can catch the action starting at 10am PST. The 16 players will all be streaming the event from their perspective.

Who do you think will be the team taking home the championship? Who are you rooting for the most? Let us know what you think!

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