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How to get the first-ever Hearthstone Battlegrounds Twitch drop cover image

How to get the first-ever Hearthstone Battlegrounds Twitch drop


The first Hearthstone Battlegrounds Twitch drop is coming so make sure you’re connected and ready to earn!

What better way to get the hyped Hearthstone faithful ready for a new Battlegrounds season than with a Twitch drop? Better yet, this upcoming Lightkeeper Xyrella Epic Battlegrounds Skin is the first-ever Battlegrounds Twitch drop.
While Xyrella will be available for purchase in the in-game shop after the giveaway ends, why spend the money if you don't have to? Follow our easy steps, get your loot, save some dough, and go play and watch some Battlegrounds!

Getting the Xyrella Hearthstone Battlegrounds Twitch Drop

The Hearthstone Battlegrounds Twitch drop giveaway runs from From January 17 at 10:00 AM. PST to January 23 at 11:59 PM PST. During that time you'll just have to watch a single hour of Hearthstone content to score your free skin.
The big thing is to make sure your and Twitch accounts get connected. Here's the steps:
Of course, make sure that you're connecting the correct accounts if you're the type to have multiples on one device. Likewise, browser-based ad blockers can also interfere with the process. Make sure you've whitelisted and Twitch just to save a few steps.
Blizzard also offers these helpful tips:
  • Some browser plug-ins can block Twitch from recording your presence during a stream. Temporarily disable your plug-ins to make sure you're eligible for rewards. Twitch and Blizzard can't provide support for issues caused by incompatible browser plug-ins.
  • You may not see a notification for rewards earned on YouTube but rewards are correctly provided in game.
  • After unlinking a Twitch account from a account, a new Twitch account cannot be linked for 7 days. If you have recently unlinked a Twitch account you will need to wait to relink a new one.
  • Resetting a Twitch password will break existing links to If you reset your Twitch password you will need to follow the steps above to unlink and relink your Twitch account to your account.
Follow these directions, get ready for Season 3 of Battlegrounds, and keep tuned to for all your upcoming Hearthstone news and notes!
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