Hearthstone’s Festival of Legends theorycrafting event will not include Wild, but there will be big plans for that mode.

If the Year of the Wolf announcement wasn't exciting enough, then there's even more fantastic Hearthstone news! And it's not just about the upcoming Festival of Legends expansion. There will be big plans for Hearthstone's Wild mode!

Hearthstone Wild theorycrafting in Year of the Wolf

Wild will not be a part of Hearthstone theorycrafting this year, according to Hearthstone community manager Alkali Layke. However, there will be some cool things arriving for that mode. Layke also explained the reasoning behind the exclusion of Wild.

"It's important that players have a great experience," she wrote on Twitter. "With Wild in [theorycrafting], we simply didn't have enough players to split the queue for different time zones. This meant players in all regions couldn't have a proper time slot, all had to play in the same [time slot]."

The thread added that in the past, some regions played very early in the morning in order to participate in Hearthstone theorycrafting. This also resulted in a compromised viewer experience.

Less players meant longer queue times, and playing against the same opponents often meant less match variety. Adding more players wouldn't have been enough to fix this, Layke explained.

She added that the Hearthstone team can do better, and it will. Although players may not see Wild in the upcoming Festival of Legends theorycrafting event, they should stay tuned.

"We've got plans," she concluded and emphasized big plans for Wild mode.

Big plans coming to Hearthstone Wild

Zeddy, who is a well-known Wild player in Hearthstone, shared his thoughts on the matter as well. He acknowledged that while Wild theorycrafting will not happen this time around, he's excited about what's in store.

As players anticipate what's next, they can hop into Hearthstone for a free E.T.C., Band Manager Neutral Legendary. The Festival of Legends launch date awaits, but players can try out some musical shenanigans in the meantime.

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