Hearthstone Rewards Track for March of the Lich King. New expansion loot! cover image

Hearthstone Rewards Track for March of the Lich King. New expansion loot!

Hearthstone’s Rewards Track marches on along with the Lich King. Check out the free loot and the Tavern Pass!

Just a week left until the next expansion. Along with the pre-patch we can preview the refreshed Hearthstone Rewards Track. While you can still earn levels on the old track until December 6, Castle Nathria achievements have already stopped yielding XP. The first official Corpse to bolster the Lich King's army!

March of the Lich King Hearthstone Rewards Track

Besides the customary gold, the following shiny Hearthstone loot will accompany the free Rewards Track.

  • Two Random Legendary Cards
  • One Random Epic Card
  • Lor’themar Theron Legendary
  • Chromie Epic Merc
  • 14 Golden cards
  • 8 Standard Packs
  • 3 March of the Lich King Packs (all within the first 9 levels!)
  • 3 Tavern Tickets
  • The Death Knight Card Back
  • Hero Skin Choice (at level 100)
Hearthstone Free Rewards Track Loot<br>(Image via Blizzard)
Hearthstone Free Rewards Track Loot
(Image via Blizzard)

The hero skin choice can only be redeemed from one of the 10 returning classes. Same for the Tavern Regular achievement. Blizzard have confirmed Death Knight portraits are in the works. Hopefully coming soon without the ™.

Meanwhile, the 14 Golden cards (and the Lor’themar Theron leggo) obtainable in the new Hearthstone Rewards Track are Uncraftable and cannot be disenchanted. Thus, this likely means that owning the 14 cards’ Normal versions when receiving these cosmetic ones might trigger a re-roll pop-up, due to Hearthstone’s improved duplicate handling system.

Hearthstone Tavern Pass

The paid March of the Lich King Tavern Pass augments your Rewards Track with a handful of Hearthstone cosmetics and experience bonuses. Hopefully no Latin majors to heckle me for not using the plural “boni”, since they wouldn't afford a Tavern Pass to begin with.

Hearthstone Tavern Pass Loot<br>(Image via Blizzard)
Hearthstone Tavern Pass Loot
(Image via Blizzard)

These Diamond and Signature Legendaries are once again subject to the new duplicate handling rule mentioned above.

The hero skins are DK twists of beloved lore characters. We thus welcome Deathkeeper Alleria (Hunter), Runemage Khadgar (Mage), Scourgeslayer Vashj (Shaman), Fallen Yrel (Paladin), Darion Mograine (Death Knight), Aranna the Runeseeker (Demon Hunter), Hamuul Runeblade (Druid), Ebon Assassin Garona (Rogue), Dreadsteed Tamsin (Warlock), Annhylde Deathcaller (Warrior) and Redeemer Tyrande (Priest). The skins are already available for preview in the portrait section, located in the top right of the Collection window, unlike the infamous bottom righ.

Diamond Cards and Coins for March of the Lich King

Unlike previous expansions, the usual two Diamond cards have multiplied to five. In addition to Mage’s Grand Magister Rommath, the instant Tavern Pass reward and Paladin’s Blood Matriarch Liadrin from the March of the Lich King collector achievement, three more will appear in the shop. The Neutral Lor’themar Signature card will be accompanied by Death Knight’s Deathbringer Saurfang and Lady Deathwhisper Signatures, soon in a shop tab near you.

Diamond Grand Magister Rommath<br>(Image via Blizzard)
Diamond Grand Magister Rommath
(Image via Blizzard)
Diamond Blood Matriarch Liadrin<br>(Image via Blizzard)
Diamond Blood Matriarch Liadrin
(Image via Blizzard)

Furthermore, Hearthstone Features Lead Chadd Nervig shares some insight on how Diamond card classes are chosen. Main takeaways relate to lore and functionality.

The two coins follow the usual rules, since the Silvermoon one comes from the 90th level of the Tavern Pass and the Scourge one from the 135 March of the Lich King cards achievement. What is surprising at first glance are the 38 cards to be found in the upcoming miniset, as Death Knights will be getting some love too.

The Silvermoon Coin<br>(Image via Blizzard)
The Silvermoon Coin
(Image via Blizzard)
The Scourge Coin<br>(Image via Blizzard)
The Scourge Coin
(Image via Blizzard)

Finally, if there's anything left to unpack, use the Hearthstone Rewards Track official blog post if you wish to check each item’s Track level requirement. Speaking of unpacking, setting up a Fireside Gathering can help you open your March of the Lich King card packs early. Stay tuned to Esports.gg for other tidbits like this. More Hearthstone news and updates to follow!