Hearthstone nerfs Patch 25.0.3: Sire Denathrius and Shockspitter cover image

Hearthstone nerfs Patch 25.0.3: Sire Denathrius and Shockspitter

Sire Denathrius (finally) changes to Infuse (2) and Shockspitter costs 3 in the latest Hearthstone nerfs for Patch 25.0.3.

Earlier this month we asked the question whether Hearthstone will nerf Sire Denathrius in March of the Lich King. Well, Daddy D is now half as efficient due to being changed to Infuse (2). Hence, he will now deal half the damage. Shockspitter OTK combo also has its cost increased, as the beast now costs 3 Mana. The balance team aimed to address meta development pre-World Championship by hitting polarizing outliers. More Hearthstone nerfs, maybe even buffs, will follow in a larger patch, a few weeks from now. This also comes on the heels of two cards being disabled until a further change is made.

Denathrius nerf - Hearthstone patch 25.0.3

Sire nerfed from Infuse (1) up to Infuse (2)<br>Image via Blizzard<br>
Sire nerfed from Infuse (1) up to Infuse (2)
Image via Blizzard

Sire Denathrius’s sins in the meta have Infused the balance team, so much so that a hit was warranted. It took the addition of Death Knight to finally tip the scales. Indeed, a class whose core mechanic, Corpse, relies on minions dying, makes a fine candidate for Daddy D’s usage. The printing of Astalor Bloodsworn, an early-game whose effects grow as the game progresses until it finally creates a 16 damage finisher, adds insult to injury. Even with the Infuse (2) change, Sire should be strong enough to end games in classes with multiple tokens, like DK and Druids using Scales of Onyxia and Topior. Almost halving the damage dealt might let the meta breathe, maybe allowing sleeping contenders to rise.

Shockspitter nerf - Hearthstone patch 25.0.3

Shockspitter cost increased from 2 to 3 Mana<br>Image via Blizzard
Shockspitter cost increased from 2 to 3 Mana
Image via Blizzard

Shockspitter’s cost has increased to 3 Mana. A deck containing it had reached Rank 1 Legend recently, even wrecking the ever health-increasing Blood Death Knights along the way. The list had multiple tutors, for example Selective Breeder, Wrangler, as well as Brewmasters and Zola to bounce it back. The combo was indeed egregious, reliably dealing 28 or so damage on 7 Mana via Brann + 2 x Shockspitter. However, a sizable community faction argued that the problem was the evergreen Brann Bronzebeard, who returned from Wild into the Core Set. It would have been a painful nerf for budget deck enthusiasts in either case.

Latest nerfs translated to dust

Moreover, budget players partially bite the dust along with the two offenders. These Hearthstone nerfs amount to a measly 80 dust, as Sire Denathrius came out for free. In a positive change, the uncraftable card is now also received by opening the first Murder at Castle Nathria packs, for people late to the party.

All eyes on Brann?

Brann to be nerfed?<br>Image via Blizzard
Brann to be nerfed?
Image via Blizzard

Many prominent players have centered their Twitter discourse on Brann’s ubiquity and the annoying combos he enables by doubling battlecries. Predictably, Hunter mains Sidisi and Hattrik advocated for this Hearthstone nerf in detriment to hitting a new and exciting class tool. 

Indeed, ZachO of Vicious Syndicate echoed this sentiment with a suite of insightful yet snarky tweets. He highlights Brann’s remaining synergies with Anub’Rekhan, where Druid fits more finishers in a turn. This includes Astalor Bloodsworn, a mini-Denathrius in the making. ZachO’s expertise with the game’s data recommends him as perhaps the greatest meta connoisseur that does not work at Blizzard. Hence, his opinions on the Hearthstone meta and nerfs are likely very grounded and relevant.

As the saying goes, “there must always be a Lich King”. Whenever Hearthstone nerfs drop a new dangerous card takes the limelight. Let us hope the above predictions are at least a bit over the top. The balance team stands ready, in any case.

To nerf or not to nerf? That is the question they will ponder during the World Championship and after.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to esports.gg and keep up with Hearthstone news and updates as the meta develops.