This Hearthstone Mercenaries Leveling Guide for Protectors hopes to serve you as a hub of information: something you can return to. A map for each Protector–including how to spend their earliest Coins and complete their most important Tasks.

I’m not going to tell you who to play. That is, in my opinion, one of the best parts about Mercenaries PvP: passion- and skill-expression is at an all-time high here. This Hearthstone Mercenaries Leveling Guide is to give you the tools to decide yourself!

You can take the iconic characters you love and actually make them sick, no matter what. You don’t need Rogue to be meta, you don’t need to rely on a good Mini-set to be able to play your deck– you just have to pick up three colors and start painting.

This guide hopes to serve you as a hub of information: something you can return to. A map for each Protector–including how to spend their earliest Coins and complete their most important Tasks. Welcome to my Hearthstone Mercenaries Leveling Guide for Protectors!

Mercenaries wasn’t even out for 24 hours and the requests came flooding in:

“How do I spend my Coins? Which choice do I make for Mysterious Stranger? How do I get there? Where am I?”

All of the Mercenary-specific progression, who you choose to gear up and why, revolves around Coins, Tasks, and Time. Resources that, if mismanaged, are gonezo (for a while) until you find more of them. When “finding more of them” involves randomness, a lot of time, or Human Dollars, you want to make sure to slurp up every little drop you can.

Getting ~30 coins for a specific Mercenary involves:

  • Finding the Bounty on the map that gives your specific Merc’s Coins when completed (hope it isn’t Blackrock!),
  • Leveling up a party enough to grind it,
  • And then doing it over and over in runs that could take 10 or 15 minutes a piece!
  • Alternatively, just do Tasks– each one rewards a lot of Coins for that Merc, and even Packs at Task 16, 17, and 18!

(Fun Speedrunning Fact! The agreed-upon strategy to farm Tasks, one of the most important resources in the game, is to follow this path: choose Heroic Air Elemental (Barrens 2) or Normal Apothecary Helbrim (Barrens 4) and look for a swirly Mystery Node. If there isn’t one, hit “View Party” and click “Retire” to restart the map. If there is: do it, check for Mysterious Stranger, then reset the map. Rinse, wash, repeat! Soon you’ll have the blood of a thousand Air Elementals on your hands and only the nightmares and Task 7 Equipment to keep you warm. Worth.)

(Fun Speedrunning Fact #2! The consensus also seems to be that Heroic Banehollow (Felwood 6) is the best way to farm Experience. Take your three strongest Mercs and fill the party with three under-leveled buddies to power-level them!)

Hearthstone Mercenaries Protector Leveling Guide

How to use this Hearthstone Mercenaries Leveling Guide for Protectors

Making the best decisions in the early game will let you play the strongest versions of your Mercenaries as comfortably as possible. Spending 125 Coins to level up your second Ability just “because I have the Coins to…” might literally throw away hours of your time.

This guide focuses on the early game because, after a certain point, you’ll understand which things you’ll personally want to focus on. Your collection dictates almost every direction you might want to take, so everyone’s comps will be different. Follow these steps to make getting to that point as smooth as possible. Eventually you will level up everything– but for now, just begin your grind. How to spend each Mercenary’s first 300 Coins or so will be detailed below.

Note!!! This is heavily slanted towards gearing for PvP– you can basically full-clear the PvE with anything, these strategies included, but keep in mind that this is considering Mercenaries PvP as a priority. That being said, the first few Abilities you put Coins into tend to be those that help you grind the PvE as efficiently as possible. I’ve combined both sides into the making of this Hearthstone Mercenaries Leveling Guide and present to you the best decisions that will satisfy both playstyles.

The Protectors: Everything You Need to Know



Best Equipment: Alexstrasza’s Brooch (Task 2)

Coin Farms: Icehowl (3.5) [notation: Winterspring, the third Zone (3) for Icehowl, the fifth fight (.5)]

Alex synergizes best with Dragons (Voone and Brightwing). She’s sneakily a very effective Merc– having a Heal and a Fireball on one ability is nice, her Dragon-centric AoE is powerful, and Dragonqueen’s Gambit is still widely unexplored as the hard ‘Fighter-Counter’ it could be. If you open her without any other Dragons, look for opportunities to be combined with Fire-types like Ragnaros, Baron Geddon, and Antonidas.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Dragon Breath 2 (50 Coins)
  • Step 2a: Are you playing with another Dragon? Flame Buffet 2 (50 Coins)
  • Step 2b: No Dragon? Dragon Breath 3 (125 Coins)
  • Step 3: Make sure you have Dragon Breath 3 (125 Coins)

Task Priority: Medium– Her Task 2 Equipment, Alexstrasza’s Brooch is the best option and easy enough to get. She can get it early, so if you can quickly spend Tasks on her then it’s a great damage/healing boost, but this isn’t a critical part of any of her comps.

Cairne Bloodhoof

Cairne Bloodhoof

Best Equipment: Reincarnation (Level 30)

Coin Farms: High Justice Grimstone (4.2)

The first Mercenaries tournament helped showcase just how sick Cairne is– now a classic combo is his Endurance Aura into Diablo’s Fire Stomp, going off at 3 Speed and super-AoE-ing down entire boards.

Cairne speeds you up, slows them down, tanks and taunts up– he really does it all. Feel free to jam him into just about anything, but especially combo-heavy decks. This Mercenary has been a menace when paired with Varden as well as Diablo in an opening lineup.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Earth Stomp 2 (50C)
  • Step 2: Earth Stomp 3 (125C)
  • Step 3: Endurance Aura 2 (50C)

Task Priority: Zero! Reincarnation is best for Cairne by a Barrens mile, and you get it just for hitting level 30. Never take a Cairne Task until you’re bored (or need Coins.)

Cariel Roame

Cariel Roame

Best Equipment: Tome of Light (Task 2)

Coin Farms: Air Elemental (1.2), Sunwalker Proudhoof (1.5), Barak Kodobane (1.6), Snowclaw (3.1)

Cariel is the “best” Turn 1 taunt in the game. She stops aggressive openers immediately, Taunting at 1 Speed with no Cooldown, and hitting back for up to 18 Retaliation damage per hit thanks to Tome of Light.

Follow it up with a well-placed Deathblow from her Crusader’s Blow and she’ll be back up to full health in no-time, even healing back up from negative health. She actually performs pretty well in PvE and is worth including in your F2P comps.

On Ladder Cariel’s stock will scale directly with how much Thrall and Samuro you’re seeing. To keep her role but change the Mercenary, consider Mutanus, Uther, or King Mukla.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Crusader’s Blow 2 (50C)
  • Step 2: Get Tome of Light 1 (Task 2 Equipment)
  • Step 3: Taunt 2 (50C)
  • Step 4: Taunt 3 (125C)
  • Step 5: Tome of Light 2 (100 Coins)

Task Priority: High– Tome of Light is your Task 2 Equipment and undeniably her strongest asset. Without it she’s quite bad, because Taunt on 1 is one of her most important play patterns in PvE and PvP. An extra +8 Attack lets you convert your “Anti-Aggro Counterspell” into something that smacks back, as well as letting you clear early Bounties quickly.

Cornelius Roame

Cornelius Roame

Best Equipment: Band of Faith (Task 2)

Coin Farms: Air Elemental (1.2), Sunwalker Proudhoof (1.5), Icehowl (3.5)

Cornelius seems to be in a tough spot– most archetypes, including Humans, don’t even necessarily want him. His damage output is almost by definition the very lowest in the game, and though he offers strong healing and a unique “Counterspell Taunt” in Blessing of Sacrifice, he has yet to find a home.

If there ever comes a combo deck that desperately keeps one Merc alive for as long as possible, Cornelius might be amazing.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Hold the Front 2 (50C)
  • Step 2: Hold the Front 3 (125C)
  • Step 3: Start leveling Blessing of Sacrifice to get it as Fast as possible (50C+)

Task Priority: Low– None of his Equipment are particularly meaningful, and his identity is still, as of release, bizarrely unclear. He’s technically a Red-colored Healer. The problem is: healers are still underrepresented and misunderstood. But Band of Faith, his Task 2 Equipment, has the best output with an added (whopping) +16 healing. This feels like the best angle but Cornelius still needs some high, high-level Mercenaries PvP to find his place.

Garrosh Hellscream

Garrosh Hellscream

Best Equipment: Tusks of Mannoroth (Level 30)

Coin Farms: Yeti Hunter Ranel (3.2)

Get huuuge! Garrosh’s capacity to stack health by spamming Horde Strength is unrivaled. He can represent a nearly unkillable threat in the late-game of PvP. He can be combined with Uther to create a giant taunted Orc Wall, buff-up in Orc Comps, or just be a Mercenary that will out-last the competition.

Be wary of enemy comps with too many Casters that could threaten his scaling– pair him with Fighters that can lead out and eliminate the threat to his giant booty.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Battle Shout 2 (50C)
  • Step 2: Horde Strength 2 (50C)
  • Step 3: Horde Strength 3 (125C)

Task Priority: Zero! Tusks of Mannoroth, the juiciest health-buff-Equipment in the game, is his Level 30 Equipment! Rest easy, but do try to get this before you take him into PvP. The whole point of Garrosh is to be a massive, self-heal-spamming Tank. He ends up gaining over 40 or 50 health per activation of Horde Strength!

Grommash Hellscream

Grommash Hellscream

Best Equipment: Bloodthirst Amulet (Level 30)

Coin Farms: Raven the Hunter (2.1), The Anointed Blades (2.2), Majordomo Executus (4.6)

Gromm is the Cornelius of Orcs– they aren’t necessarily strong enough to make the cut, you get them for Free, but they could still find a place. Bru’kan, Varden, Vol’jin and others have shown us the strength of Slows in Mercenaries, and Gromm is, uniquely, a Red Merc with a point-and-click Slow.

Battlefury is quite the cleave, but at 9 Speed it’s a tough sell. Casters are dominating the early weeks of the game, so each Blue-vulnerable Protector needs a good reason to be in your comp. For now, Gromm doesn’t seem to have one.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Staggering Slam 2 (50C)
  • Step 2: Staggering Slam 3 (125C)
  • Step 3: Blood Fervor 2 (50C)

Task Priority: Zero! Bloodthirst Amulet is Gromm’s Level 30 Equipment. It turns out Orcs don’t need to grind much, huh… until Thrall.



Best Equipment: Burning Shot (Task 2)

Coin Farms: The Anointed Blades (2.2)

To be honest, Gruul unlucky. His numbers used to be even worse before release and now he at least has a Huge base Attack value, but there simply aren’t enough Dragons.

Gruul gobbles Dragons, but multiple lines of text go to waste if you don’t run into one in PvP– which is expected, until more Dragons get printed. Technically Dragonslayer Shot is a decent laser, and you can make Gruul work with things like Saurfang to trigger his big Crazed Flurry punch.

His best quality is the fact that he’s a Damage Dealing Red Guy, but even then there seem to be better options like Alex, Thrall, Lich King, Rag, Jaraxxus, Kurtrus…

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Dragonslayer Shot 2 (50C)
  • Step 2: Dragonslayer Shot 3 (125C)
  • Step 3: Burning Shot 2 (100C)

Task Priority: Medium– Task 2 is the place to be for Gruul, which earns you Burning Shot, an eventual flat +5 Damage to Dragonslayer Shot. Simply his highest-DPS option; the other Equipments are too situational (Fire Resistance and Anti-Dragon).

King Mukla

King Mukla

Best Equipment: Mukla’s Big Brother (Task 7)

Coin Farms: Corrupted Ancient (2.5)

King Mukla is being very slept-on. Beasts seemed like a decent option going into release week, but then King Krush took a nerf and public morale fell low

But if you can ever make a case for Cariel, you can often make a case for Mukla (with upside): he’s another option for a Turn 1 Taunt thanks to his Task 7 Equipment, Mukla’s Big Brother, except he actually has other abilities.

His Beast-pumping +15 Attack Primal Power is really sweet, especially with Krush, and even his Bananas are fine. Cariel feels bad when you don’t run into something to Taunt– Mukla lets you build a comp that coincidentally covers your Aggro matchup on Turn 1 while progressing a separate game-plan that Cariel never could.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Primal Power 2 (50C) (As long as you’ve got a Beast too)
  • Step 2: Primal Power 3 (125C)
  • Step 3: Start upgrading Mukla’s Big Brother (100C+)

Task Priority: High– One of the best reasons to play King Mukla is Mukla’s Big Brother, his Task 7 Equipment that gives you a free taunt. Expect this to play an enormous role down the line, especially as more Beasts get printed. Unfortunately Mukla feels very, very medium without his brother, so his Task 7 is necessary.

Kurtrus Ashfallen

Kurtrus Ashfallen

Best Equipment: Chaos Amulet (Level 30)

Coin Farms: Plaguemaw the Rotting (1.8), Raven the Hunter (2.1)

Kurtrus is a funky boy because of his unique ability to Eye Beam, crit a Fighter, and heal for twice as much at the same time. Seeing basically no play at all after a week or so into the game, his true identity is still to be discovered.

My guess is that there are ways to value him as A) Diablo Hate but more importantly B) a guy with cool glasses. And those glasses shoot lasers and in a meta dominated by Fighters that could roll in at Position 4 (your opponent’s first Merc to sub in) or Position 5 (their second), Kurtrus could really shine as a counterpick.

Give him Taunt, have him take damage or simply attack, and then get a massive 72 point life-swing (crit for 36, heal for 36). Will that be enough to make him playable? For now or, like Jaraxxus, until there are more Demons, Kurtrus needs some help.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Eye Beam 2 (50C)
  • Step 2: Eye Beam 3 (125C)
  • Step 3: Chaos Amulet 2 (100C)

Task Priority: None– Being able to crit and heal for that crit value is very underrated, so I’d lean towards Chaos Amulet, his Level 30 Equipment. No Task-grind needed! His other Equipment angle at slaying the under-represented Demon tribe, and Fel Damage, another light-play tag.

The Lich King

The Lich King

Best Equipment: Frostmourne (Task 7)

Coin Farms: Majordomo Executus (4.6)

The Lich King seemed very good, and then Patch 21.4 buffed him in multiple ways! He has a ton of good synergies and is “easy” to obtain via the Lich King Bundle.

Arthas can go with Humans like Varian, Uther, and Anduin, or he can pop off in Shadow comps alongside Vol’jin and Tamsin.

All of his Abilities are quite strong, so you can’t really go wrong. Lich King shines on the Bench, ready to sub in and clutch a combat with Frostshield or suddenly start slowing the world down with Frostbite.

A Red Merc like LK that can deal damage with spells and not his face is always appreciated, and Death Coil can crit for nearly 40. Did I mention he can heal, too?

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Death Coil 2 (50C)
  • Step 2: Death Coil 3 (125C)
  • Step 3: Whenever you get Frostmourne, then: Frostbite 2+ (50C+)

Task Priority: Low, weirdly– Frostmourne is LK’s Task 7 Equipment and feels like the highest upside, slowing down everything your Frostbite can cleave to. But this isn’t a necessarily fundamental part of The Lich King’s kit, as he’s mostly valued for his Shadow, Frost, Human, and Red-colored identities. I would grind his Tasks last in his respective comps, as his allies’ items, like Vol’jin’s Task 7, are mandatory for success.

Lord Jaraxxus Protector

Lord Jaraxxus

Best Equipment: Amulet of Outrage (Level 30)

Coin Farms: Ahune the Frostlord (3.6)

Most Legendary Mercenaries Protectors actually heavily dictate the direction of your early game, especially F2P– these Red-Oranges tend to singlehandedly enable certain comps like Demons, Fire, and Dragons. Jaraxxus is one of the best examples because Demons really, really struggle without him. But when paired with playable Demons like Diablo and… Tamsin’s, Deathrattle?

Wait– we’ve got a bit of a “Reverse-Gruul Problem” here: a lot of the Demons are lame! Mannoroth is still relatively unexplored and I’m not sure a single person on the planet knows what Rathorian does, but that’s because Demons still feel under-supported and no one is trying.

If you do open Jaraxxus he has some cool flashy combos and pretty-okay Equipment, so if you have a Diablo, Mannoroth, Rathorian, and maybe literally Tamsin (and Gul’dan?), give him a whirl. Aim to maximize your Fist of Jaraxxus and snipe some multi-kills with a nice Legion Burst Deathblow.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Legion Burst 2 (50C)
  • Step 2: Fist of Jaraxxus 2 (50C)
  • Step 3: Fist of Jaraxxus 3 (125C)

Task Priority: Low– Amulet of Outrage is his Level 30 Equipment and affects his most powerful ability: Fist of Jaraxxus. The Task 7 Equipment turns it into an execute, always targeting the lowest-health, but the verdict is still out on whether or not this is OP or just unnecessary. Amulet of Outrage gives you the classic flat bonus damage, and you get it for free. I’d stick with this until we receive some more demonic insight.

Malfurion Protector -  Hearthstone Mercenaries Leveling Guide

Malfurion Stormrage

Best Equipment: Liferoot Staff (Task 7)

Coin Farms: Fallen Guardians (2.3)

Malfurion, like Jaraxxus and Alex, takes an entire comp idea and singlehandedly makes it playable. But unlike the other two, Malfurion has the whole weight of the Natural World behind him. There are, if anything, too many Nature Mercenaries to consider.

Do you jam Bru’kan and Guff? Brightwing and Samuro? Anacondra and Thrall? One of the most-fun Mercenaries to open and build around with an insane Task 7 Equipment to boot, Malf will always be great. He offers a Speed-Boost to all of your Nature spells, a Root (also known as Freeze) that goes through Taunts, and a decent AoE (that can also be a super-heal??) in a pinch.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Cenarion Surge 2 (50C)
  • Step 2: Entangling Roots 2 (50C)
  • Step 3: Entangling Roots 3 (125C)
  • Step 4: Cenarion Surge 3 (125C) (Prioritize this if you have a lot of Nature, but Entangling Roots is great in PvE)

Task Priority: High– Liferoot Staff is actually nutty. This Task 7 Equipment regularly determines if your Mercenaries live or die, as in Triple Nature lines you start cranking out healing on every ability. At max level this Equipment represents healing your team for over fifty every turn– for free!

Mannoroth Protector -  Hearthstone Mercenaries Leveling Guide


Best Equipment: Fel Spikes (Level 30)

Coin Farms: Coren Direbrew (4.1)

Mannoroth is part of the Jaraxxus Dilemma in lacking a place, but Mannoroth’s numbers and kit just don’t currently line up with the meta– and maybe never will. He’s basically a worse version of a lot of different Mercenaries jammed into one: pumps fellow Demons but not as well as Orcs do, shrinks Attack less effectively than Xyrella, and deals less damage than every caster.

In that way he is a Jack of All Trades– and perhaps that’s how he will find a way to shine. But every Merc that says “All X of This Type Get Y” continue to struggle if there are only 2-3 options to go with them.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Fel Lash 2 (50C)
  • Step 2: Fel Lash 3 (125C)
  • Step 3: Fel Spikes 2 (100C)

Task Priority: Zero! Fel Spikes, much like many of the ‘add more damage to your bullets’ Equipment, is still the best option. But you get this Equipment at Level 30, so no need to worry about Tasks! Fel-Enhanced Lungs is actually likely to overtake Fel Spikes as time goes on, adding damage to your Howl of Terror AoE, but even that is Task 2 and very achievable. Once we begin to understand the effectiveness of Anti-Fighter Technology like Howl of Terror, that Equipment will become more valuable.

Ragnaros Protector -  Hearthstone Mercenaries Leveling Guide


Best Equipment: Blazing Rune (Task 7)

Coin Farms: Avalanchan (3.3)

Ragnaros is really sweet but needs several expensive cards (Baron Geddon & Antonidas, Diablo, then extra spice like Alex/Voone, Tavish) to become complete. But don’t let that stop you– Fire Comp is good, smoking nearly all of the PvE without a sweat and a very strong opener in Mercenaries PvP.

When Baron Geddon got nerfed to only boosting by 1 Speed on his Heating Up, Rag seemed like he’d fall off the map– we were wrong! Set up multi-kills with DIE, INSECTS!, Meteor down Fighters they accidentally put in the middle without thinking… Rag leads a fun and flashy comp with potential.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: (As long as you have another Fire Merc) Magma Blast 2 (50C)
  • Step 2: DIE, INSECTS! 2 (50C)
  • Step 3: Magma Blast 3 (125C)
  • Step 4: Meteor 2 (50C)

Task Priority: High– Blazing Rune, the Task 7 Equipment that gives you +Fire Damage, is the reason to play Rag (that and his really good numbers). A critical part of the Fire Comp, the rune represents something like +15-20 damage with an even higher ceiling. One of the highest DPS Equipment in the game in terms of pure numbers, start slamming Tasks if you wanna light it up.

(Fun Speedrunning Fact #53: DIE INSECTS!, at full rank, will one-shot the Heroic Air Elemental mobs on the way to farming your Tasks. This lets you click one button and win, skipping all of the animations that a Second Round of Combat would normally take.

When trying to your maximum number of Tasks per second, this is likely optimal. Use parties of just Rag and your two other Task-farming-Mercs to make sure the Task you get is guaranteed!)

Thrall Protector -  Hearthstone Mercenaries Leveling Guide


Best Equipment: Doomhammer (Task 7)

Coin Farms: Ursula Windfury (3.4)

Thrall is part of the legendary “BTX” opener (that I may or may not have named): Blademaster Samuro, Thrall, Xyrella. His origin story began in the Mercenaries Discord with the realization that this trio, up against an unsuspecting opponent, literally one-shots a Fighter and a Caster on Turn 1.

This opener seemed too good to be true, and the theorycrafting spun off into the night. Since then things have changed, but Thrall remains an insanely strong character with Nature synergies on top of his Windfury OTKs.

A Protector that can represent up to 80(!) damage on Turn 1, Thrall should continue to see play as a devastating switch-up from the Bench as well as a disgusting opener.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Lightning Storm 2 (50C) (If playing with Samuro or Orcs, you can level For The Horde instead)
  • Step 2: Lightning Storm 3 (125C)
  • Step 3: Warchief’s Command 2 (50C)

Task Priority: Extremely High– Doomhammer is perhaps the most mythical item in the game. From a narrative perspective entering the very first meta to the actual numbers this weapon wields, Doomhammer is the spookiest there is.

Windfury allows for some of the highest individual DPS without spending a single Cooldown. The cool thing is that Thrall actually has good Nature AoE too and can see play along the way to Task 7, but you must get The Hammer to take full use of this Merc.

Varian Wrynn Protector -  Hearthstone Mercenaries Leveling Guide

Varian Wrynn

Best Equipment: Shalamayne (Task 7)

Coin Farms: Icehowl (3.5)

To round out the Mercenaries Protectors we have Varian Wrynn, a great example of a Merc that would be unplayable if he had a worse Tribal Tag. But he doesn’t! Humans have plenty of support, almost like Nature in the way that there are too many Humans to choose from!

Varian is actually way cooler than you think: Shalamayne can crank him up to 19 Base Attack, and a single kill with Splitting Strike dunks him up to 31 Attack!

His Cooldowns are weird, but definitely playable. Heroic Leap is a point-and-click Deal 14 (19 if you want to take the Equipment) that gives a rare Permanent(!) Speed Boost to your Humans– but only by 1, which might feel too weak compared to Malfurion and Vol’jin.

Retaliation is a bizarre ability when you get down to it: it counters Fighters (I’m seeing a pattern) but it’s so easy to make completely whiff. The timing of that Ability will completely dictate fights, and in many cases the simple threat of Retaliation might be greater than the button itself.

Coins Spend-Path:
  • Step 1: Heroic Leap 2 (50C)
  • Step 2: Heroic Leap 3 (125C)
  • Step 3: Splitting Strike 2 (50C) (Priority the more Attacking Humans you have. Pumps Varian by the way!)

Task Priority: Low– All of Varian’s Equipment are fine-good. Bounding Boots, his Level 30 Equipment, is the damage boost that, like always, can never go wrong. War Banner, benefiting your Retaliation, scales purely with how many Bad Guys are physically attacking you in the meta, so it’s harder to say.

Shalamayne, on the final hand, is his Task 7 Equipment and adds a ludicrous amount of Attack– +7 at max, the highest in the game.

In the long-run I could see Shalamayne being the clear favorite for consistency, but Varian is a flexible spot in your Humans comp. Don’t worry about getting his Items until the rest of your Humans comp is geared.

That’s all there is– we hope you found this Hearthstone Mercenaries Leveling Guide for Protectors useful! Caster and Fighter guides are here. Until then if you have any questions you can find me on Twitch, where we’ll continue to answer all of your questions. Stay tuned here at for more Hearthstone news, Mercenaries guides, and so much more.

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