Playing Hearthstone Mercenaries and feel lost when offered Alliance or Horde characters buffs? Check which race belongs to each faction here!

If you are into Hearthstone Mercenaries and you are not a World of Warcraft player, it will be hard to know which characters belong to the Alliance or the Horde. Luckily for you, in we got you covered!

Hearthstone Mercenaries doesn’t have any mark to identify Alliance or Hordethem in-game. You can check their Race on the Mercenary card. However, no faction indicator is visible. Shortly after the release, the community started wondering about this assumed knowledge.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Alliance and Horde characters

After the rising questions, Chadd “Celestalon” Nervig, Systems & Initial Game Designer on Hearthstone, brought some light to the matter:

Alliance Races

  • Human
  • Dwarf
  • Night Elf
  • Gnome
  • Draenei

Horde Races

  • Troll
  • Orc
  • Tauren
  • Blood Elf
  • Undead

As a general rule of thumb in Hearthstone Mercenaries, the Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome, and Draenei races are a part of the Alliance. On the other hand, the Horde is represented in Hearthstone Mercenaries by Trolls, Orcs, Taurens, Blood Elfs, and Undeads.

As we mentioned, this is a “general rule”, but there is at least one exception we have found. The Lich King, labeled as a Human, makes you should think he is part of the Alliance. However, Hearthstone Mercenaries considers the Lich King as part of the Horde, contrary to the general rule Human = Alliance.

It should be easier to distinguish Alliance and Horde characters in-game, especially considering that Hearthstone Mercenaries is intended as a mobile game. In that sense, Nicholas “DeckTech” Weiss, Associate Writer for Hearthstone, mentioned that the team discussed the topic. Despite these talks, the game mode ended up not having any specific reference.

Hearhstone Mercenaries: The Lich King, a Human character in the Horde
The Lich King, a Human in the Horde

Why is it important to know factions in Hearthstone Mercenaries?

During Bounties runs, in the PvE experience, you will get Treasures after encounters. Some of them are for a specific mercenary, others include buffs that affect a whole race, but some enhance Mercenaries characters belonging to either the Alliance or the Horde, faction references from World of Warcraft, the universe in which Hearthstone was originally based from.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Treasure buffing Alliance characters
Hearthstone Mercenaries Treasure buffing Alliance characters

Finally, it is fair to say that the Hearthstone team has shown themselves open to feedback, and they know that the game mode has many issues to fix. Upon launch, they disclosed that Mercenaries had several identified bugs. You can check the official thread to keep track of the bug fixes with the 21.4.3 patch.

We hope you find this information useful, and if you want to learn more about Hearthstone Mercenaries, feel free to check our specific section for guides and news. This is all for now for us here at If you need me, I’ll be by the Campfire.


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