Get free Hearthstone packs with Twitch Drops. Make sure you double check your accounts are connected, we explain you how.

Hearthstone Twitch Drops are live, and you can earn free packs until November 4 at 6 pm PT. This is a category-wide promotion in response to the problems Hearthstone had delivering the promised Twitch drops during the March of the Lich King expansion announcement. Let’s go over the details.

16/11 Update: While this article talks about the Hallow’s End event, the instructions below still work. Make sure you reconnect your account if you haven’t done that in the past month. Twitch and had issues and most accounts got disconnected. Guide on below.

Hearthstone Twitch Drops for Hallow’s End

Initially, Hearthstone announced that Twitch Drops would be active during the expansion reveal stream. However, due to technical problems, viewers that joined the event didn’t receive any loot. Fortunately, Blizzard reacted quickly and promised a Hearthstone category-wide Twitch Drop window during Hallow’s End celebration to compensate.

This promotion starts today, November 3rd, at 9 am (PT) and lasts until November 4th at 6 pm (PT). If you are not sure about time conversions, click on the link to have the time expressed in your local time.

Viewers will earn a free Murder at Castle Nathria Pack after watching 2 hours of any Hearthstone stream on Twitch. Furthermore, Hearthstone fans can also earn an extra March of the Lich King pack for watching an additional 2 more hours.

Make sure the stream you are watching has Twitch Drop active to get the free Hearthstone packs. You can check that information in their chat or also by clicking your profile avatar to be sure.

Twitch Drops active Hearthstone free packs

Re-connect your Twitch and Hearthstone accounts to get Drops

Even if you had connected your Hearthstone and Twitch accounts before, you might need to do that again to be eligible for these drops. I’ve just tested and it showed they weren’t connected.

To do that, you need to go to your account and scroll down to connect it to Twitch. After doing that, refresh any Hearthstone stream with active drops and start progressing toward your free packs.

How to check your Drops progress

To make sure everything is going fine and you will get your Hearthstone free packs, you can check your Twitch Inventory. In this Drops and Rewards section, you will see every detail about the Twitch Drops promotion and how much time you need to keep watching to get those free Hearthstone packs.

Twitch Drops Inventory Hearthstone free packs
Twitch Drops Inventory – Image via

Make sure that you claim your free packs after completing the viewing time. After that, the free packs earned via Twitch Drops should appear in your Hearthstone client. Bare in mind that the March of the Lich King pack can’t be open until December 6th when the expansion releases.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoy your free loot. Stay tuned to for more Hearthstone news and updates. See you next time in the tavern.

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