Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 5 is just a week away, if you fancy how Anomalies work, check out this exclusive Preview Event.

The 27.2 Hearthstone patch will mean the start of Season 5 and the era of Anomalies in Battlegrounds. Much like with Theorycrafting Streams before expansions, Hearthstone is organizing a Preview Event to feature Battlegroudn's new Season 5 content: Anomalies.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 5 Preview

The 27.2 Hearthstone patch will arrive with a bunch load of Battelgrounds content on August 22, but you can check out how Anomalies work before that. On August 21 content creators from around the world will participate in a special Preview Event.

If you don't know yet what Anomalies are and what's all the new content coming up with Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 5, check out our article explaining all the new stuff.

The idea behind this event is for the community to learn alongside their favorite Hearthstone streamers how the Battlegrounds Season 5 content works, and ultimately, how cool Anomalies are. Below you can find the different participating players divided by regions.

The NA, LATAM and European Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 5 Preview events will go from 9 am PT to 3 pm PT, while the Korean and Japanese ones will go from 2 am to 8am PT (of the following day).

Battlegrounds Track Refresh

On top of the new Anomalies, Hearthstone Battlegrounds will also see its Rewards Track updated for Season 5 next week. Once the 27.2 Hearthstone patch goes live on August 22, the Season 5 Rewards Track should pop up with a new load of cosmetics to show off.

"The Season 5 Battlegrounds Track includes gladiatorial cosmetics. Progress through the track to earn all stages of the Clash of Thunder Legendary Strike, 18 additional Hero Skins, a new Bartender, and more!"

The Battlegrounds Season 5 Track includes the +2 Hero options at the start of each game as its main competitive advantage. Hearthstone is keeping this feature as the main monetization source for Battlegrounds, despite the player's initial discontent.

Hearthstone players can buy the Battlegrounds Track as soon as the new season hits on August 22 for $15.

That's all for now, but stay tuned to esports.gg for more Battlegrounds updates. See you next time in Bob's Tavern.