Excess Coins Fix for Hearthstone Mercenaries. Renown explained. cover image

Excess Coins Fix for Hearthstone Mercenaries. Renown explained.


The Patch 24.6 preview has ignited Campfires all around Azeroth. Excess coins can now be exchanged through the new Renown System. Unmaxed Hearthstone Mercenaries eagerly await leveling through Trade Offers.

The announcement of the announcement is upon us. Constructed players have marked November 1st in their calendars to see the next expansion. But Hearthstone Mercenaries lovers await patch 24.6 to exchange their excess coins. The preview highlights a new Renown system, along with a Task Rework. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Mercenaries Excess coins to Renown

In Patch 24.6, we’re also introducing a new Renown system that will let players exchange excess coins for coins of Mercs they own, but haven’t yet Maxed. Your excess coins can be converted to Renown at any time, then exchanged at the Campfire. With Tasks now being available at all times, the Campfire daily reset will instead feature offers to exchange Renown for coins for Mercs they haven’t Maxed. The daily reset will also include some miscellaneous general Mercs Tasks, not tied to any current Task Chain, mixed in with those Renown exchange offerings.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Excess coins - Image via Esports.gg
Hearthstone Mercenaries Excess coins - Image via Esports.gg
The coins fix is almost here! Coins from maxed Mercenaries can now be converted to a new resource: Renown. We won’t be able to dump this Renown all at once but instead one day at a time. Randomness will be involved as well. This is Hearthstone after all. The daily reset will feature (at least) two Trade Offers for coins from unmaxed Mercs. Thus it will be imperative to max Rare Mercs asap. Otherwise you might waste a daily reset on a “sub-par” Merc.
Patch 24.6 Campfire Preview<br>(Image via Blizzard)
Patch 24.6 Campfire Preview
(Image via Blizzard)
Murloc Holmes time! Let us carefully analyze this Mercenaries screenshot to notice how the excess coins fix works in practice. The bottom portion shows two offers to exchange Renown into 150 and 125 Coins for 2 unmaxed Hearthstone Mercenaries.
The conversion rates from excess coins to Renown are as follows:
  • 10 Rare Coins = 1 Renown
  • 5 Epic Coins = 1 Renown
  • 2 Legendary Coins = 1 Renown
The conversion rates to then exchange Renown for Coins from Mercs you haven’t Maxed are as follows:
  • 100 Renown = 50 Rare Coins
  • 150 Renown = 50 Epic Coins
  • 250 Renown = 50 Legendary Coins
How to convert excess coins to Renown - Image via Esports.gg
How to convert excess coins to Renown - Image via Esports.gg

Hearthstone Mercenaries Task Rework

Starting in Patch 24.6, we’re opening them up even more: all Task Chains will be available at all times!

Task progress will be determined by the Mercs actively in your Party at that time. That means you can choose exactly which Task chains you want to work on, and when, and progress up to six Tasks chains at once!

Mercenaries Excess coins are no longer! Nonetheless, Hearthstone Mercenaries are one-upping Renown by also bumping Tasks. Task Chains are always available and targetable through your party composition, not to mention new misc Tasks. Thus you can quickly max Rare Mercs to optimize Trade Offers.
Finally, our screenshot appears to display two separate Campfire pages. We can speculate that the second one will include current Mercenary Task Chains for your party. The main Campfire seems repurposed towards ‘neutral’ misc Merc Tasks and coin Trade Offers. Story and Toki quests remain on this page.
Mercenaries Excess coins might be old news after Renown, but there’s always something going on in a live-service game. Stay tuned to Esports.gg, your Campfire for Hearthstone news and updates.
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