Ctyro takes Hearthstone Battlegrounds Solary Grand Prix crown home overtaking the finest European players.

This weekend Solary and Predator Gaming organized a $2000 Hearthstone Battlegrounds Grand Prix. The event had 8 invited players clashing against 8 others coming from the qualifiers.

Cytro, who won his spot after being the first player to reach 10K MMR this season, defeated world-class players such as RDU, Felkeine, and Oliech, among others to take the crown in this event. Check out what happened in the Solary Hearthstone Battlegrounds Grand Prix in this Esports.gg Recap.

Solary Battlegrounds Grand Prix

Once again, Hearthstone Battlegrounds fans enjoyed this weekend a 3-day tournament with some of the finest European players at the Solary Grand Prix. Organized together with Predator Gaming and Bob's League, the event had invited pro players and streamers clashing against bloodthirsty players who had to qualify to the main event.

Solary GP announcement - Image via SolaryTV
Solary GP announcement - Image via SolaryTV

During Friday and Saturday, the 16 players that got to the main event had to fight for a spot in the finals. Each of these semifinal lobbies played 5 games with the top 4 point earners advancing to the final Sunday.

Many big Hearthstone Battlegrounds names such as RDU, Vinz, Maverick, and Rogojine couldn't earn their spot in the Solary Grand Prix finals. However, Solary fans still had two main candidates to root for, Felkeine and Oleich.

The Finals

During Sunday, the top 8 Solary Grand Prix players had one goal, finishing the day on top of the leaderboard after 7 games to claim the tournament crown. With a big enough game sample, it was expected that the favorite players would take the win.

Cytro and Felkeine stood out and differentiated themselves from the pack with a considerable point lead. With the Top 4 getting a piece of the $2000 in prices, no one wanted to go give up, regardless of how far away the first place was.

In the end, Cytro accumulated the most points after 7 games, demonstrating that he isn't just a ladder player. Felkeine was only 4 points short of forcing tiebreakers. Following them, some points behind were Patoulove and Oliech, who also got some prize money.

Feel free to check out the stats for the Solary Grand Prix Hearthstone Battlegrounds tournament in the following links:

With the Hearthstone esports official circuit shrinking in 2023, these community events keep players and viewers still invested in the competitive scene. Congratulations to Cytro for winning the Hearthstone Battlegrounds Solary Grand Prix.

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