If you thought you were the only one having a hard time finding consoles, think again.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of issues, one being a shortage of certain supply chains which include super-conductors such as silicon, which has really crippled the ability of a lot of tech companies from all areas of the industry to produce their products.

Due to this level of scarcity, luxury items such and graphics cards for PCs, and gaming consoles have become hard to come across, which opened up yet another problem; scalpers are of course taking advantage of the situation and buying every last console and selling them for marked-up prices.

This has not only affected the consumer side of things, but the shortage and scalping situation has gotten so bad that even the company that owns the Xbox brand, Microsoft, cannot get a hold of their product for the Halo Championship Series.

The esports leader of 343 Industries, Tahir Hasandjekic, announced on Twitter that unfortunately due to the shortages some of the players would have to use dev kits running in retail mode.

Even though the pandemic started in early 2020, getting our hands on tech products is still extremely difficult, and tech giants like Intel say we may even be feeling the effects of this shortage well into 2023, and the scalping situation is going to get worse with time.

Even the lead actor in Deathloop had such a hard time finding a console for him to play the game he assisted in making, that he had to get help from Bethesda themselves just to get a hand on a PS4. Here's to hoping that one day we can all get our hands on these items.

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