UMG Gaming announced a $20,000 Lady Spartan Pro Series today for the Halo Infinite community.

UMG Gaming announced a $20,000 'Lady Spartans Pro Series' Season 1 for the female Halo Infinite community. The inaugural season will feature five tournaments, 32 teams, and a grand final on May 21st-22nd.

Lady Spartans Pro Series Format

Season 1 will function as a five tournament series where competitors will accumulate pro points to qualify for the $10,000 Grand Finals.

There are four 32-Team Individual Qualifier tournaments scheduled, featuring a $2,500 prize pool each with dates below.

  • Pro Series 1 Open: March 5th
  • Pro Series 1 Finals: March 12th
  • Pro Series 2 Open: March 19th
  • Pro Series 2 Finals: March 26th
  • Pro Series 3 Open: April 15th
  • Pro Series 3 Finals: April 16th
  • Pro Series 4 Open: May 7th
  • Pro Series 4 Finals: May 14th

The Grand Finals will feature the top eight teams (determined by pro points) and play out over two days to pay out the final $10,000.

How this Can Affect the Halo Infinite Scene

While women in gaming have had an uphill climb in general, Halo has historically featured amateur teams with men and women along with all women squads in Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: MCC. Unfortunately, there has been little focus on those teams, competitive women Halo players, and on growing the scene in general which UMG believes they can help alleviate.

We are beyond excited to support and uplift the female Halo community and truly build on the ground floor to empower them with a place to build their skills, confidence and encourage these skilled players to make the jump into the HCS Open ecosystem.

John DeHart Director of Business Development at UMG

Overall, this is a great first step for women looking to compete and improve as competitors in a potentially safe and welcoming environment. The tournament will also be streamed on the Xbox Twitch channel (along with UMG's) allowing for increased exposure and potentially encouraging orgs to sign an all-women team.

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