Torrent are entering the Halo Championship Series with an exciting young roster.

The North American organization Torrent is picking up "Pushin p" ahead of the HCS Anaheim event this weekend.

Torrent enter the HCS

The Minnesota-based esports org Torrent are picking up the "Pushin P" roster (formerly Unsigned Talent) before their LAN debut at HCS Anaheim. Previously known as Alpine Esports, Torrent are a North American org best recognized for their success in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) and Apex Legends.

The Pushin P roster consists of:

Gavin "HotShotGhost" Brewer

Austin "Abature" Johansen

Brant "Huss" Hussey

Oliver "FilthyG" Gerlach

The team qualified for HCS Anaheim over other notable squads such as Built By Gamers, Status Quo, and Shopify Rebellion. This will be Torrent's first LAN in any esport since they rebranded in 2021, and the organization is all smiles going into the weekend.

Every player on this team has already proven that they are at minimum a top 16 competitor in the HCS. Together, they comprise a well-rounded and solid team dynamic. I have complete confidence that the team will find ways to challenge the top of North American Halo with support from Torrent and time.

Wade Penfold VP of Esports

The organization is committing to developing their HCS roster for long-term success because they believe in the growth potential of the esport and the players. The organization is confident in the current squad's ability to win a World Championship despite its youth.

Besides direct support, Torrent plans on building out content, improving players individual brands, and paying competitive salaries to increase their changes of success.

Torrent's Chances at HCS Anaheim


The team was placed in Pool D which will prove an enormous challenge, but also adds some fun storylines. Torrent's competition includes title challengers eUnited and the Kansas City Pioneers and rival XSET.

XSET dropped FilthyG a few weeks back giving him the chance to play spoiler to his former teammate's chances of having a lengthy bracket run at Anaheim. Torrent have proved to be a tough squad week in and out, and the players are certainly confident in their chances despite the odds.

The excitement and support for our first in-person LAN as a new team is unmatched. I’m thrilled to join Torrent and look forward to this next chapter within my professional career as well as this new era for Halo esports.


You can watch Torrent's Halo roster debut at the HCS North American Regional on February 11th.