Spartan has issued his own statement regarding Complexity’s disqualification and his subsequent discipline at HCS Major London.

In Halo esports news, the HCS Major London hosted by Quadrant had a bit of a scandal. Tyler "Spartan" Ganza, now formerly of Complexity, was accused by tournament officials of bringing in his own SSD with performance enhancing software for his PC.

This saw the administration disqualify the entirety of Complexity in the Pool Play stage. The HCS completed their investigation, and now Spartan has told his side of the story after a ban and removal from his team.

Update to the HCS ruling

HCS officials shared an update to the competitive ruling on June 5, 2024:

"After further investigation, it was later discovered that the SSD device itself was part of a separate batch owned by the administration. The unapproved software was still loaded onto the SSD as described above with a flash drive.

The ownership of the SSD was never weighed in the determination of the ruling. The Administrative team will be doing an audit of the existing fleet of hardware and removing any anomalous drives which are inconsistent with the rest of the other SSDs to ensure this doesn't happen again."

- Halo Waypoint

The original ruling alleged the SSD was not one of the tournament-issued devices. That has since been rectified, but as stated, holds no weight in terms of the investigation. Spartan still added unapproved hardware to get a competitive leg up.

Spartan's statement confirms ban and termination from Complexity

Through an X post, Spartan made his first statement since the incident. He also uploaded a YouTube video to discuss the situation. We encourage to read the HCS ruling, Complexity's statement, and Spartan's statement to get the full scope of the matter.

Here are summarized points made in Spartan's X post:

  • Complexity asked him to delay any statement until the investigation finalized
  • HCS officials confirmed the SSD was one of theirs and they found no cheating software
  • HCS has banned Spartan from all online tournaments, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and the 2024 HWC
  • Due to the ban, Complexity has terminated Spartan's contract
  • He plans to appeal the ban

Again, reading the full statements and watching the video will give you a complete understanding of the situation that occurred in London.

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